Day: February 28, 2014

LINGUIST List: Training Our Future Linguists

Dear Fellow Linguists,

My name is Justin Petro, and I am a Master’s student at Eastern Michigan University who has been working at LINGUIST List for the past three years. During this time I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many of our users through my work on the Publications and Web Development teams, as well as through the development of grant projects such as LEGO and RELISH. Even if we haven’t had the chance to become acquainted yet, I am certain that my work has most assuredly had an impact on you as a LINGUIST List user, and I’m very proud to be able to contribute to such a vital and important community of scholars.

In order to make sure that I and the rest of the crew here are able to continue providing the services that linguists like you depend on, we need your support. Donate today:

LINGUIST List is not only an important resource for scholars and students of all levels in the discipline, it is also a crucial training ground for students like myself. LINGUIST List has been directly responsible for my professional development in areas such as editing, correspondence, technology, and programming, in addition to providing tuition and financial assistance towards my Master’s degree in linguistics. This dedication to training the future experts in the field is perhaps the greatest contribution LINGUIST List has made to the discipline. I highly urge you to donate today and ensure that we can continue to work for you and for the linguistics community as a whole:

Gratefully yours,

Justin Petro
Publications Manager

Spring(er) into Action and Win Over $700 Worth of Books!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers,

We have one final prize this week that we would love to give to one of you, kindly donated to us by Springer. If you donate before 11:59 p.m. today, you’ll be automatically entered to win the following four titles:

  •  Locality Domains in the Spanish Determiner Phrase by M. Emma Ticio
  • Topics in Kwa Syntax Edited by Enoch O. Aboh & James Essegbey
  • Dynamic Antisymmetry and the Syntax of Noun Incorporation by Michael Barrie
  • Inner Aspect by Lisa deMena Travis

All of these titles put together are valued at over $700, and they can all be yours for as little as a $5 donation to LINGUIST List! So what are you waiting for? Donate today!

And even though only one person can win today’s big prize, you can always walk away with one of our great premiums if you donate $35 or more!

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

-The LINGUIST List Crew