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Books: Win a Copy of Handbook of the Ryukyuan Languages from De Gruyter Mouton

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

Today, our publisher prize giveaway has been donated by De Gruyter Mouton. If you donate today, you get the chance to win one copy of Handbook of the Ryukyuan Languages (your choice of a hardcover or ePUB version), edited by Patrick Heinrich, Shinsho Miyara, and Michinori Shimoji.

If you are interested in historical linguistics and genetic classification, endangered languages and language revitalization, language documentation, or Japonic and Ryukyuan linguistics, this is the book for you. You can read the full description of the book here:

Valued at $419 USD (or 299 €), it can be yours for a minimum donation of $50! If you donate $50 before midnight tomorrow (26 March 2015, 11:59 EST), your name will be entered to win this invaluable linguistic handbook. You can donate to LINGUIST List at this link:

Also, don’t forget that if you donate this week, you will be eligible for a 20% off promotional code for ISD!

Thanks and good luck!

The LINGUIST List Crew

Introducing a Special All-Week Giveaway from ISD, Distributor of Scholarly Books

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, we are introducing an all-week giveaway donated by ISD, Distributor of Scholarly Books. Anyone who donates this week will receive a 20%-off promotional code for all titles with subject category “Language and Linguistics” on the ISD website. You can view their catalogue here:

This promotional code will last for one month after the end of this week.

Also, do not forget that if you donate, until April 16th, you are eligible to win a 20%-off promotional code to any Routledge book, and one donor will be entered to win an additional $100 off Routledge books.

Please spread the word about these great prizes and don’t forget to donate! You can donate here:

Thank you all for your support!

Best wishes,
The LINGUIST List Crew

Donate Today and Win a Subscription of ”Language Dynamics and Change” from Brill!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

For our final prize this week, we’re excited to announce our latest Fund Drive Drawing, generously donated to us by Brill: if you donate before 11:59 p.m. (EST) tomorrow (March 21st), three of you could be the lucky winners of a year’s subscription to the journal Language Dynamics and Change!

This exciting publication, which is normally $95, could be yours for as little as a $50 donation! But remember, you have to donate today to be eligible! You can do so by following the link below:

Stay tuned for many more Fund Drive raffles to come. Thanks and good luck!

The LINGUIST List Crew

Donate Today and Enter to Win ”Psycholinguistic Approaches to Meaning and Understanding” from Springer!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers,

We’re excited to announce today’s prize, this time generously donated by Springer, a copy of Psycholinguistic Approaches to Meaning and Understanding, edited by Barbara Hemworth, Barbara Mertins, and Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen.

This title, perfect for anyone interested in psycholinguistics, is valued at $129 USD, but can be yours for as little as a $50 donation! Enter to win by donating before 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, March 19th. For our donation page, follow the link below:

Stay tuned for future Fund Drive raffles!

Thanks and good luck!

The LINGUIST List Crew

Fund Drive: Donate Now and Win a Prize From Routledge!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

Today, we are introducing a very special giveaway, generously donated by Routledge (Taylor and Francis). Starting today, everyone who donates to the LINGUIST List Fund Drive will be eligible to receive a discount code of 20% off any Routledge books. This giveaway will last for one month.

At the end of the one-month period, Routledge is offering ANOTHER prize of $100 worth of books to one winner selected at random from our pool of donors. So you can win $100 in addition to the discount code.

If you have already donated, you can donate again and receive your 20% off code.

Please spread the word and donate!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get 20% off of books from Routledge, which has a lot of excellent language resources.

Thank you all for your support of LINGUIST and good luck!

Best wishes,
The LINGUIST List Crew

Donate Today and Enter to Win a Linguistics Poster from Cascadilla Press!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

Our final prize for the week is brought to you by Cascadilla Press, who is donating two posters from their popular series of vintage linguistics posters. Two winners will be selected, and they
can pick their choice of any one of the 11″x17″ posters shown on the webpage below:

To get your name entered into the drawing to win of one of these fun linguistic-themed posters, please go to the following link and donate before midnight (11:59 EST) on Saturday, March 14th:

Unfortunately, this prize is restricted to those donors within the US. Apologies to our non-US supporters! We will make it up to you with the prize that we are announcing on Monday. With that little teaser, we will leave you hanging until Monday to find out what that prize is.

Also, friendly reminder: don’t forget to submit your recipes for our linguistics cookbook:

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck!

Best wishes,
The LINGUIST List Crew

Donate Today and Win a Copy of “The Language Myth” from Cambridge University Press!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

Thank you to everyone who donated in our last giveaway.  If you missed our last Fund Drive drawing, keep your eyes peeled for many more great publisher raffles to come. We will be offering them throughout the entirety of our Fund Drive.

Today we’ll be giving away four copies of the “The Language Myth” by Vyvyan Evans from Cambridge University Press.  You can read about the book here:

Donate any time between now and tomorrow night at midnight  (Thursday, March 12th, 11:59 EST), and get your name in the drawing to win a copy of “The Language Myth.”  The four winners will be selected on Friday, March 13th.

You can enter your name into the drawing by donating at the link below:

Stay tuned for updates on our Fund Drive giveaways, follow us on social media and spread the word!

Thank you all for your support and good luck!


The LINGUIST List Crew

Donate Today and Enter to Win a One-Year Journal Subscription from Elsevier!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers:

It is that time of year again, fellow linguists. Today, LINGUIST List is kicking off our 2015 Fund Drive, where we ask you for donations. However, we try to make it worth your while. If you donate during Fund Drive, you can be entered to win many fantastic prizes generously donated by our Supporting Publishers (for a full list, visit this link: These prizes will be offered for the duration of Fund Drive this year, and there will be many competitions and drawings to come. So, stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to win these valuable linguistic materials.

Now, for our first prize of Fund Drive 2015!

Elsevier is offering a five one-year personal subscriptions to the Elsevier linguistics journal of the winners’ choice. That’s right, if you donate today, five of you can win a one-year subscription to one of Elsevier’s linguistics journals.

These journal subscriptions, normally priced anywhere between $70-$300 USD can be yours. If you donate at least $50 USD, your name will be entered to win a one-year subscription to your choice of one of these journals:

Assessing Writing
Computers and Composition
Discourse, Context & Media
English for Specific Purposes
Journal of Communication Disorders
Journal of English for Academic Purposes
Journal of Fluency Disorders
Journal of Phonetics
Journal of Pragmatics
Journal of Second Language Writing
Language and Communication
Language Sciences
Linguistics and Education

Donate any time between now and tomorrow night at midnight (Tuesday March 10th, 11:59 EST), and get your name in the drawing to win a one-year subscription to one of Elsevier’s fantastic linguistic journals of your choice.

You can enter your name into the drawing by donating at the link below.

Again, keep an eye out for more competitions and publisher raffles as our Fund Drive progresses. If you miss today’s raffle, there will be many more great prizes from our supporting publishers this year, so stay tuned to our social media pages to hear about more prizes that you can win.

Thanks and good luck!

The LINGUIST List Crew

Got an abstract? There are 218 conferences awaiting your submission.

Think about it: in your career, how many conferences have you gone to? How many have you presented at? How many abstracts have you submitted for papers, talks, poster sessions, panels, and colloquia?

And of those, how many did you find out about through the LINGUIST List?

An academic’s need to attend and present at conferences, and the inherently chaotic nature of the academic conference system, is precisely what makes the Calls and Conferences feature of the LINGUIST List such an indispensable tool. Rather than relying on word of mouth or hoping that your colleagues will remember to CC you on an email, you can count on LINGUIST to keep you informed about your field’s most important conference and the associated call for papers.

But we do far more than just email you this important information: we also have a searchable database of all upcoming linguistic conferences ( and all active calls for papers ( We also have an events calendar to keep you organized (, so you’ll never have to present in Germany one day and Japan the next.

If you’re a conference organizer, you probably know how much easier it is to submit a conference announcement, program, and call for papers via LINGUIST than to email your colleagues one by one. You also know that we circulate your submission within 48 hours. But did you know that we provide a free, user-friendly platform ( for your participants to submit abstracts? Or that we’re developing an online registration service ( to bring your attendees to you, minus the headaches?

As of this week, the LINGUIST List has records for 787 conferences taking place all over the world between now and September 2015, with 218 active calls for papers. And these aren’t just English: we distribute announcements in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and, once, even Papiamento!

We do all this for the sake of the linguistic community at no cost to you, which means we rely solely upon the generosity of our supporters. If you have found these services valuable, please donate to the LINGUIST List today.

Without your donation, we can’t continue to provide our Calls and Conferences services that you, as an academic, rely on. We’re counting on you!

With sincerest gratitude,

Bryn Hauk, Xiyan Wang & Anna White
Calls & Conferences Editors

LINGUIST: A Non-Profit Service for Linguists

Dear Subscribers,

I came from Shanghai, China and I am so happy that I have joined the LINGUIST team over the past six years. I really appreciate the LINGUIST List for giving me this job opportunity. Right now I can support my family, raise my kid, and learn a lot of new things from different projects.

As a full time programmer for LINGUIST, I have been involved in many different projects. This year I am mainly involved in two projects: LEGO and EasyReg. For the LEGO project, we have uploaded 31 lexicons and we will upload more lexicons and more than 3000 word lists into our system. Then the user can search all the data in these lexicons and word lists through our faceted search facility. The EasyReg facility was launched a few months ago. The EasyReg system will help conference organizer to set up online registration system easily and let registrants submit and pay registration fee online through their customized registration system.

Also I help to maintain the publisher, finance and EasyAbs web sites.

LINGUIST is non-profit organization. It provides free service for all linguist users in the world. Your donations – even a small amount – will mean a lot for us. Your contribution will help us to continually run another year to provide more service for linguist users and gave us the chance to work here.

Please help us to donate at:

Thanks again for your continued support and donations!

Yours sincerely,
Li (Lily) Zheng
LINGUIST Programmer