Day: January 18, 2012

LSA Retrospective

Happy new year from everyone at LINGUIST List!  We kicked off 2012 by sending 9 LINGUISTs to Portland for the 86th annual LSA meeting.  Highlights included four posters given on the topic of technical training provided by LINGUIST projects (MultiTree, LL-MAP, the LINGUIST List Website, and LEGO); a stellar talk by Andrea Berez on LINGUIST’s role in training graduate students in linguistics; and well-attended office hours for LINGUIST List and LL-MAP.  But don’t take my word for it:

“LSA was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of LINGUIST List’s projects and answer linguists’ questions about how these projects can benefit their research. I am also very grateful I got to network with professionals and meet other grad students! It’s great to get to see past LLers present their work and talk to them about their career post-LINGUIST List.” –Brent M.

“LSA 2012 was a great experience, both to network with publishers and scholars, and also to get a first hand experience with what ideas are burgeoning in the field! And doing it all in Portland was a fantastic idea!” –Justin

“It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet new people; also to hear firsthand about interesting research and stimulating new ideas. Travel is always an opportunity to realize something new, whether it is creating new ideas or connections in linguistics or just getting a new perspective on the world.” –Matt

“I will die a happy linguist having seen a semanticist bring up ‘the beauty of semantics’ in a room full of syntacticians discussing evidence for one of Greenberg’s Universals.” –Zac

It was a real pleasure to speak with everyone who visited us at office hours, or whom we had the good fortune to talk to over the course of the conference.  Please let us know what you’d like to see from LINGUIST List in the coming months and years!