Day: February 28, 2012

You need LINGUIST; LINGUIST needs you!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

I’m Anna Belew, and I’m still waiting to wake up from this beautiful dream where I’m employed by LINGUIST List. When I moved to Michigan in 2010, I anticipated doing one of the following things with my MA in linguistics: a) operating a deep-fryer; b) picking recyclables out of dumpsters; or c) shoeshines. Instead, here I am, doing exciting and relevant work which will be of great use to linguists worldwide, like leading a research team for the Endangered Languages Catalog (ELCat). I really can’t believe my good fortune.

But this letter is not about my gratitude to LINGUIST List for plucking me from the gutter. It’s about what LINGUIST List means to you, and to the discipline. I’ve only been here a short time, but I’m flabbergasted every day by how much LINGUIST can do with so little funding– not content to stop at editing and mailing hundreds of messages per week from linguists around the world, we also develop infrastructure which the linguistics community desperately needs. I can’t imagine trying to research linguistic classifications without MultiTree, or having to manage language documentation data without EMELD‘s best practices. It may have been possible to organize conferences before the advent of EasyReg (coming soon!) and EasyAbs, but it sure was harder. Trying to find or create language maps without LL-MAP? Forget it. And can you believe there’s something even more important than all of those things? We support dozens of graduate students as they complete higher degrees in linguistics, and provide the world with tech-savvy, refined, highly-trained future linguists who have amazing practical experience in the field.

The projects, services, and infrastructure that LINGUIST provide are not only necessary to the whole linguistics community, but achieved with astonishing resourcefulness and very little money. Without your donations, none of what we do is possible; we need the support of the discipline to continue supporting the discipline. Please make a donation to ensure that LINGUIST can serve you for years to come.

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With gratitude,
Anna Belew