Day: March 2, 2012

And Now a Word from Justin Petro, Bard Extraordinaire

Dear Fellow Linguists,

My name is Justin Petro; I’m a student in the MA program for Linguistics at Eastern Michigan University, I work at LINGUIST List, and if that last statement wasn’t true, the one before it wouldn’t be either. You can make sure both of those statements remain true by pledging a donation to LINGUIST List here:

I’m sure that you’re aware of all the great information and services LINGUIST List provides to the discipline; everything from conference and job announcements to the hosting and maintenance of indispensable resources such as MultiTree and LL-MAP. What’s also important to remember is that behind all of that there’s a team of Graduate Assistants and Student Workers like myself who work tirelessly to provide these services to you.

As a Publications Editor, ColdFusion Editor, and project team member on LEGO and RELISH, LINGUIST List has provided me not only with the funding I need to continue my studies in the discipline, but also the hands-on training and experience in technologies crucial for the next generation of linguists. To put it simply, I would not be where I am in my studies or my career in linguistics without the support of LINGUIST List.

LINGUIST List is both an indispensable resource for the field and a training ground for bright young students eager to contribute to the discipline. Please take the time to pledge your support of this wonderful institution:

With gratitude and thanks,
Justin Petro
Student Editor

[Editor’s note: Justin is also the troubadour we can thank for the 2012 Fund Drive song!]