Day: March 8, 2012

A Letter from LINGUIST Tech Hero Erica Wicks

Dear Subscribers,

I came to The LINGUIST List as a bright-eyed classicist straight out of undergrad. With an arsenal of Latin conjugations and Greek declensions and a fascination for language, I aimed to infiltrate the world of linguistics in graduate school. Well, my fascination and enthusiasm were certainly laudable, but to think that I was prepared to tackle the intricacies of X-bar and lambda calculus armed with aorist tense paradigms was laughable.

But, luckily, I have The LINGUIST List, an excellent online resource at my fingertips to help out whenever I have questions that need answering. And so do you! Please donate today to keep the site and listserv alive:

As a student worker at The LINGUIST List, I get daily hands-on experience with the world of linguistics, creating tools and providing a service for people like you. Among other opportunities, I help edit submissions to the LINGUIST List Notice Board, which is designed to help you find resources for personal linguistic research. You can check out or submit to our Notice Board by visiting:

The LINGUIST List has provided me with the resources I need to not just study in linguistics but to thrive in it. And these resources aren’t just available to me, but to all of you as well! So please help show your support for a group that is dedicated to supporting the pool of linguistic knowledge – even those who have just waded in – by donating today:

Erica Wicks

[Editor’s note: If you enjoy any of the Fund Drive pages, Erica is one of the primary people you can thank for making them functional and beautiful.  Without her insane levels of competence and dedication, our Fund Drive site would probably just be a text file, maybe with frames or terrible tables. Donate so we can keep paying people as smart and helpful as her to run our site!]