Day: March 15, 2012

Linguist of the Day: Mamoru Saito!

We are pleased to announce that Mamoru Saito is our newest Linguist of the Day!  Dr. Saito is renowned for his work with syntactic theory, comparative syntax, and the structure of Japanese; however, he wasn’t always a prominent syntactician.  Visit the Hall of Heroes to read his tale of how he found his way to linguistics; his story begins:


Mamoru Saito

My path to linguistics was probably a bit unusual. I was already 24 when I started studying linguistics in 1978. I was fortunate to receive three key pieces of advice that led me into the field.

I was stubborn, independent and in retrospect, stupid when I was a teenager in Japan. I pretty much ignored schoolwork and spent much of my time reading novels and philosophy books. That continued until I suddenly felt that there were more things I ought to know and that I wanted to be “taught.”

What were the three pieces of advice?  Read more and find out!