Day: March 19, 2012

Linguist of the Day: Jean Berko Gleason!

Here at LL Headquarters, there are a lot of wugs to be seen.  Homemade wug clocks.  Wug magnets.  Wug mugs (say it ten times fast).  Even a couple of wug tattoos.  The adorable little mascot of language acquisition studies is a beloved staple around here.

That is partly why we are so delighted to feature as our Linguist of the Day Dr. Jean Berko Gleason, who in addition to the Wug Test has done a great deal of amazing work in the field of psycholinguistics.  She shares with LINGUIST readers the story of how she came to be a linguist, excerpted here:

“The languages, and the literature we read, The Wild Duck in Norwegian, for instance, and parts of the Mahabharata in Sanskrit were absorbing, but they were not really what I was looking for. Quite by happenstance, I enrolled during my senior year in a new course called the Psychology of Speech and Communication, taught by a young assistant professor named Roger Brown, who had recently arrived from the University of Michigan.  The lectures were a revelation, beautifully organized, and full of startling ideas…”

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