Day: March 23, 2012

Publications Manager Danniella Hornby Explains the True Meaning of Fund Drive

I first joined The LINGUIST List as an intern in the summer of 2010,
and often heard the other students and employees trade horror stories
of “Fund Drive” and how difficult and exhausting it can be. They all
worked so hard and wanted to find new and creative ways of encouraging
people to support the work that they loved to do; work that benefits
everyone in the linguistics community. At the time, I didn’t
understand what Fund Drive was or why it was so important. But now –
two years and countless LINGUIST projects later – I walk into the
office every day and I understand. Please give something to support
our organization today:

The LINGUIST List has provided me with experience and skills and
allowed me to work alongside the most motivated and hardworking
students I could imagine. But most significantly, it has opened my
eyes to the importance – and necessity – of free and accessible

I missed my opportunity to write to you during the 2010 Fund Drive –
if I had, I would have said that I hoped you would consider supporting
a fantastic organization, because working on grant projects and
editing Ask-a-Linguist questions had already opened my eyes to what a
valuable resource the LINGUIST List is. Last year, I wrote to you as a
bright new graduate student and a new editor of Journal Calls, and
hoped that you would feel my excitement at having returned to
LINGUIST. This year, as the Publications Manager at LINGUIST, I write
to you in the hopes that you will appreciate what a valuable training
ground LINGUIST is and how dedicated we are to what we do.

I know that when my time at LINGUIST and at EMU comes to a close,
there will be new interns and new graduate assistants who are eager to
step up and continue the work that we all do and love at LINGUIST
List. By donating to the fund drive, you can help ensure that, each
year, students will continue to have this opportunity.

Danniella Hornby
Publications Manager