Day: July 16, 2012

Introducing the 2012 LINGUIST List Summer Interns

This summer, we’re lucky enough to have nine terrific interns joining us here at LINGUIST List Headquarters.  This happens to be the largest group of interns that LINGUIST List has ever hosted (compared to 3-4 in past years), and we couldn’t be more pleased that they’re here.  So far, they have proven themselves to be excellent mapmakers, language family tree builders, endangered language researchers, lexicon digitizers, and inventors of goofy puns– not to mention that they’re also a group of really smart, dedicated, delightful people.

Who are these exceptional students, you may ask, possessed of talent and ambition sufficient to join the LINGUIST ranks?  

Good question.  Meet our 2012 interns:

Andrew Peters

Junior, Carleton College

Major: Linguistics

“I’m a junior linguistics major at Carleton College, interested in all aspects of linguistics, but particularly phonology and language acquisition. Though born and raised in Minnesota, I came to Ypsilanti straight from Kyoto, Japan, where I studied Japanese linguistics at Doshisha University. Outside of school, I enjoy making and listening to music, watching movies, hiking, and running.”


Caela Northey

Junior, University of Wisconsin Madison

Majors: Linguistics, Computer Science

“As a double major in computer science and linguistics, I am thrilled to be an intern this summer at the LINGUIST List! My main interests in computer science are software development and natural language processing, and my linguistic interests include phonology and historical linguistics. I’d like to one day attend graduate school at the beautiful Edinburgh University, but until then the class I am most excited to take next semester is Modern Irish Language. If I weren’t studying CS/Linguistics, I would be pursuing a career as either a ceramicist, pastry chef, or professional video game tester.”


Calvin Cheng

Recent BA graduate, UCLA

Majors: Linguistics, Spanish

“As a bumbling undergraduate student at UCLA, I started my career in linguistics without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I originally imagined that it would give me the opportunity to learn to speak lots of Romance languages (which I was obsessed with for a while) and compare the orthographic cognates between Catalan and Italian; little did I know that it would entail practicing implosives to keep myself amused while sitting in LA traffic or raising some guy named John (who seems to be the obsession of syntacticians) to the spec-of-TP position. Though my understanding of linguistics has changed and continues to do so, I remain undiscouraged in the pursuit of deepening my understanding of the field. I am thus especially excited to be interning at LINGUIST List, where, through my involvement with the LL-MAP and MultiTree projects, I continue to not only expand my knowledge of the discipline and of specific languages but also gain a hands-on understanding of some of the technologies that can be used to organize language data.”


EmemObong Udoh

PhD Student, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Focus: Language Documentation, Phonology, Morphology

“Hi! Quite nice meeting you. I am EmemObong Udoh, Nigerian. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. After some ‘heres’ and ‘theres’ in the Nigerian labour market, I decided to go back to my Alma Mata to enroll in a Masters Language Documentation class which I completed in January 2010. After graduation, I became an Assistant Lecturer in my department with interests in phonetics/phonology and morphology. I hope to start my PhD by October 2012 in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I can’t really tell you everything about myself here, but straight to the point! I became interested in LINGUIST List following my Language Documentation background. I am currently working here as a 2012 summer intern on the MultiTree project and, if permitted, some this and that stuff on ELCat and LL-MAP which are also quite interesting to me. Already, I’ve met a set of very nice people at LINGUIST and will be missing them in early October. Cheers!”


Jacob Collard

Freshman, Swarthmore College

Major: Linguistics

“When I was a freshman in high school, I picked up several books on linguistics for reading during summer vacation. This sparked my interest in foreign languages and the scientific study of languages, and I have since devoted a significant portion of my time to teaching myself linguistics and foreign languages, and I have become particularly fascinated by endangered language documentation and conservation. More recently, I have also begun studying computer science, and many other subjects and hobbies are constantly finding their ways into my interests and hobbies.”


Monica Lesher

Recent BA graduate, Eastern Michigan University

Major: English Linguistics, German Language and Literature

“I grew up in Michigan and attended Eastern Michigan University for my undergraduate studies, earning a B.A. in English Linguistics and German Language and Literature. Last spring and summer I studied at the Justus-Liebig Univeristät in Gießen, Germany. I hope to continue my studies in linguistics in the future as well as continue to travel and learn new languages along the way.”

Seng Lee

Recent BA graduate, University of Virginia

Major: Linguistics

“I am a recent U.Va. graduate who jumped at the chance to work in my own field during the summer. Having — eventually — gotten over my swoons at the prospect of doing so at an organization as well-established as the LINGUIST List, I then proceeded to thoroughly relish the prospect of using my powers for good (which sounds much catchier than ‘using my education to help facilitate others’ studies’). Some of my too-many linguistic interests are language in contact situations and in interaction with social gender. I also appreciate language as a tool of daily communication and medium of creative endeavor: outside linguistics, I enjoy SFF, transformative works, and dabbling with various arts.”


Svetlana Tchistiakova

Recent BA graduate, UCLA

Major: Linguistics

“I graduated from UCLA with a major in linguistics and a minor in Russian Language in December 2010.  I am insatiably interested in most linguistics topics, although my previous studies have been centered around Slavic languages, Icibemba (Bantu) vowel phonology, and language acquisition.  I am very excited and fortunate to now have the chance to put what I learned as an undergrad into practice here at the LINGUIST List!”


Tenzin Tsundu

Freshman, Berea College

Major: Business

“I am currently studying at Berea College, a small liberal arts college in Kentucky, and just completed my first year in college.  I am a Tibetan-American that emigrated from Nepal in 2000, when I was 7 years old.   Since immigrating to the United States I have mainly lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I found out about the LINGUIST List internship from my sister who was also an intern here at LINGUIST List a couple of years back.  I am going to help on the LL-MAP project and also help with finances by reconciling accounts.  In my free time, I love to be active by playing sports and going on hikes.”


Welcome to the LINGUIST List crew, 2012 interns!