Day: June 3, 2013

Job Postings and the DOW Industrial Average

Ever wondered how the job market is faring for linguistic jobs? Here at the office we decided to answer that question for you by comparing the amount of annual job postings against the December 31st numbers for the DOW Jones Industrial Average. Below you can see the peaks and valleys of the job postings as they relate to the effects of the market.





We first started posting linguistic jobs in 1990 and had a meager 4 jobs that year, but since then we have surpassed that amount. In 2000 we had 853 job postings, which was our highest yet! Even though job postings dropped due to the market flux, this does not mean that the market for linguistics is on the decline completely. We have noticed that since the market crash, there has been a steady increase in job postings and last year we posted 730 announcements! This year, we expect this trend to continue on into the future.


Year Number of Job Postings DOW
1990 4 2633.66
1991 94 3168.83
1992 140 3301.11
1993 193 3754.09
1994 290 3834.44
1995 324 5117.12
1996 389 6448.27
1997 457 7908.25
1998 519 9181.43
1999 575 11497.12
2000 853 10787.99
2001 672 10021.57
2002 399 8341.63
2003 535 10453.92
2004 647 10783.01
2005 618 10717.5
2006 594 12463.15
2007 649 13264.82
2008 644 8776.39
2009 513 10428.05
2010 586 11577.51
2011 700 12217.56
2012 730 13104.14


Are you interesting in finding a job or a post-doc position? Check out our database of linguistic positions that have been submitted to us. You can filter not only by international locations, but also by languages and linguistic sub-fields.

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