Day: August 12, 2013

Presenting the LINGUIST List’s Summer 2013 Research Colloquium Series

This summer, the LINGUIST List has been holding a research colloquium once a week. We have been reading papers that pertain mostly to computational linguistics and language documentation. In addition to reading papers, the LINGUIST List’s summer interns and graduate assistants even presented some of their own works-in-progress and original research in morphosyntax, cognitive linguistics, and corpus linguistics. Since our staff has a wide range of linguistic interests, the topics discussed during the research colloquium sessions  have given our interns and graduate assistants an opportunity to read and discuss current research in the field outside of the classroom, as well as gain exposure and experience in presenting research to our fellow scholars and receiving immediate feedback on our research.

Over the next several blog posts, we’ll be sharing summaries of the following talks and presentations:

Weeks One and Two
Discussion of Bird & Simons 2003 and Maxwell 2012

Week Three
“Formal Languages & the Chomsky-Schützenberger Hierarchy” by Zac Smith from Cornell University

Week Four
“Index-Concord Mismatch in Russian” by Bryn Hauk from Eastern Michigan University

Week Five
“Non-Human Primates and Human Language” by Emily Remirez from Rice University

Week Six
“Error Annotation of English Learner German” by Eric Benzschawel from Indiana University

Week Seven
LINGUIST List Corpus Linguistics Project by Thomas Haider from Heidelberg University

Week Eight
“Visualizing Endangered Language Contexts” by Jacob Collard from Swarthmore College

If you are interested in giving a presentation during one of our future colloquium sessions, please contact us at [email protected]