Day: February 18, 2014

LINGUIST List Needs Your Support

Dear Colleagues,

As you all know, Helen and I retired from LINGUIST last year. It was very hard to separate ourselves from an organization we had put so much effort into; but we had reached the point when we could reasonably say that a time had come when we should hand things over to someone different, and younger. Damir Cavar was our choice, and we are very happy he agreed to take LINGUIST over.

Because of that transition, however, there was no Fund Drive last year, and LINGUIST now very much needs your help. It needs to make up the shortfall so that it can continue to serve you as it has for so many years.

I don’t think I need to remind you of the services that LINGUIST provides. It’s the main place where linguists go to find jobs. It’s your source for information on new books, on the details of conferences, on new initiatives in the discipline. More reviews of linguistic books are published by it than by any other publication. I doubt that any of you would be happy if all this ended.

This year is one that harbingers so many changes in LINGUIST. The complete Multitree database and interface will be available on mobile devices this year. The LINGUIST team is working on a complete revision of the whole site which will make it much more efficient and modern. This will include new versions of the site in German, French, Chinese and Arabic.

I would like to urge you to donate to LINGUIST this year, therefore, and preserve this organization and its work. The money is urgently needed, and your help will be much appreciated by the entire discipline.

The best way to contribute is through the eLinguistics Foundation. This is a new organization that was set up last year for the express purpose of supporting LINGUIST, and thus linguistic infrastructure for our discipline. It then became the owner of all the intellectual property rights to the LINGUIST name and to the websites which LINGUIST runs. This is now a US-recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(4) entity, and can accept donations for LINGUIST, not just through a credit card, but also through Paypal. All such donations will thus be tax-deductible in the US. We hope to set up similar arrangements in other countries.

Please donate! LINGUIST needs your help!

Anthony Aristar

LINGUIST List Moderator (retired)

LINGUIST List Needs Your Help!

Dear Colleagues,

After two years of service since the last fund drive in 2012, and many new developments, The LINGUIST List is asking for your help again.

During only the last two years we have posted more than 10,000 issues. We have more than 25,000 subscribers to the list. Per MONTH more than 200,000 individual visitors read your posts on the LINGUIST List page. In the year 2013 the LINGUIST List website had more than 1,200,000 unique visitors and more than 5,000,000 visits. More than 100 million hits per year have reached our servers, and almost 6 TB of content have been sent out to the world. All job advertisements, book announcements or reviews have been disseminated via Twitter. News and information has been made available on the LINGUIST blog and social media like Facebook or Google+. This was an exciting time, and we are looking forward to provide you with more opportunities and ways to find out about conferences, internships, jobs, or new publications.

As you all know, the last LINGUIST fund drive was in 2012. Fund Drive 2014 is finally coming up.

We are asking you for your help. The LINGUIST List is a community funded organization. It is made possible by your donations and support. Your donations support directly the student editors who make sure that your postings are send out in time and published on the web. The LINGUIST List does not receive any state or government support, it is made possible by volunteers, supporting publishers, paid job advertisements, and in particular your generous donations and the numerous student editors. You make The LINGUIST List possible.

Please join us on a new journey around the globe in the next weeks. The TraveLing pages are up. We hope that you will enjoy the trip, and please do support LINGUIST List.

The LINGUIST team has prepared the web pages that will enable your TraveLing at the following URL:

New information and pages might emerge there during the fund drive, many surprises can be expected. The LINGUIST team has prepared some exciting stuff. Please stay tuned.

Let me point out some new features: We provide a new additional PayPal donation interface on the fund drive page. This method allows you to donate directly to the eLinguistics Foundation (an American 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) that is set up to support the LINGUIST List student editors.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best Wishes,



Top Donor Challenge and Other Prizes! Who Will Win?

Dear LINGUIST List readers,

Yes, that time has come once again for us hold out our beggar’s cup and ask subscribers, like you, for donations. While we know that these frequent mailings can make it frustrating to try to organize your inbox, we also want to remind you it’s also the time of year where you can win fabulous prizes!

The first prize of this year’s Fund Drive will go to the person with the highest donation before 11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time on Feb. 18, 2014. And what will our lucky winner get to claim as their prize? I’m glad you asked!

Take a good look at the list of journals published by Elsevier below, because if you’re the top donor today you’ll receive a one year subscription to the title of your choice!

  • Assessing Writing
  • Computers and Composition
  • Discourse, Context & Media
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Journal of Communication Disorders
  • Journal of English for Academic Purposes
  • Journal of Fluency Disorders
  • Journal of Phonetics
  • Journal of Pragmatics
  • Journal of Second Language Writing
  • Language and Communication
  • Language Sciences
  • Lingua
  • Linguistics and Education
  • System

But wait, there’s more! We also have a very special prize to announce, which is only available to those who donate $200 or more during this year’s Fund Drive: One lucky person will win a one year institutional subscription to all of Equinox Publishing’s linguistic journals ( to be given to the institution of your choice!

That means that if you’re the top donor today with more than $200, not only will you get a free journal subscription from Elsevier, but your institution or alma mater could also get all of Equinox’s linguistics journals free for one full year!

Donate now before it’s too late!

And even if you don’t win either of these prizes, if you donate $35 or more you can still walk away with one of our great premiums!

Good luck!

The LINGUIST List Crew

Fund Drive 2014: It’s Our 23rd Year!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

This is the 23rd year that I have written to kick off the LINGUIST List Fund Drive. This year I’m not running the Fund Drive–I’m retired! (Oh frabjous day!) However, I know–better than almost anyone–how much LINGUIST needs your support and what generous support LINGUIST List readers always provide. So I want to lend my voice to that of the new Director, Damir Cavar, as he makes his very first request for donations to keep LINGUIST List running.

This year, your donations are more critical than ever. Because of the transition in leadership, there was no fund drive last year; and the coffers are nearly empty. Indeed, the students who are running this year’s fund drive will be working many unpaid hours–as Damir and his wife Malgorzata have done all year. Unless we have a successful Fund Drive, LL will have no money next year to pay the students who not only keep LINGUIST List running, but who constitute a constant stream of talented young people entering the discipline. Over its 22 years of existence, LINGUIST List has supported 150 Linguistics students through their M.A.’s. And fully one-half of these have gone on to pursue Ph.D.s at other universities.

Damir fought hard, and successfully, to maintain LINGUIST services during a very challenging transition period. Because of his dedication and hard work, LINGUIST is now better than ever, in both staffing and technology. He has assembled an excellent student crew composed of loyal ‘old hands,’ as well as promising new GAs, who have come to Ypsilanti, Michigan from places as far removed as Germany, Croatia, Nigeria, and Siberia. As many of you know, 100% of the donations you make to LL are expended on student stipends. And these students richly deserve your support.

Damir has exciting plans for LL, including a new LL interface, one that works on tablets and phones, and he has been tirelessly reconfiguring the LL backend to use open source software and hardware. The latter improvement is long overdue. As many of you know, the LL interface, which is nearly 20 years old, was dependent on Cold Fusion and Oracle; and neither Anthony nor I had the expertise, the time, or the sheer determination to redesign the over 300,000 pages on the website. Damir has two of the three; so—despite having less time than we did this year—he has almost finished the redesign. He has also been working on site localization (web display in the local language) and on securing a more accurate count of LL subscribers and pages viewed. (It turns out that European users outnumber US users; and the EMELD School of Best Practices ( is still frequently accessed.) Many of these innovations were demo’d at LSA, and some will be made available to general users during the weeks of the Fund Drive.

I am writing now simply to urge you to give Damir and the LINGUIST List crew the same generous support that Anthony and I always relied on from you—the support that has kept LINGUIST List thriving during these last (gasp!) 22 years. Your support is key to LL’s survival at this critical juncture.



Helen Aristar-Dry

LINGUIST Moderator (retired)