Day: March 21, 2014

Important Notice: LL Mail Server Down

UPDATE: The mail server is back online. We thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Dear LINGUIST List Readers,

It has come to our attention that we are experiencing significant issues with our mail server. If you have sent a message to any email address ending in, it has not been received and is not recoverable. Please send any and all messages for the LINGUIST List to [email protected].

This also will affect our ability to send issues to the LINGUIST List Mailing List. Because of this, LINGUIST List will not post any issues until our mail server is up and running again

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this development. We are working hard to resolve this issue, and we appreciate your patience, understanding, and support at this time.



Making the Most of LINGUIST: Resources for Research

As a researcher, there are a lot of ways to formulate research questions and gather linguistic data. LINGUIST offers several features you can use to reach out to the linguistics community as you conduct your research.

  • Queries: You can submit research surveys, tests, and ask for resources relevant to your research here:

If you think someone may have already asked a similar question, check out Summaries to see if our readers have provided a response.

For general research needs, LINGUIST features a Publications Area where you can find bibliographic resources:

In this area, you can find:

If you’re doing language documentation research or your research is more technical in nature, you should visit our

for technical tips.

In fact, all of our projects can be used to gather information, and generate and support language hypotheses:

So once you’ve finished your research, how can you use LINGUIST to make the most of your career? Stay tuned for the next letter on LINGUIST’s resources for professional development.

Remember, these services are available to the linguistic community by your donations. To help us keep these services available in the future, remember to donate and help support.