Author: Everett Green

Staff Letter: Nils Hjortnaes

Hello all,

My name is Nils. My main role here at the LINGUIST List is to work on the new website ( Last fund drive it hadn’t officially launched yet, so I’m excited to have it officially up and running, even as we continue to add to and improve it.

Besides working at the LINGUIST List, I am a PhD student at Indiana University, our host institution. My primary interest, in a very broad sense, is computational methods for under-resourced languages and language documentation. I’ve still got a lot of work and a long ways to go before I even think of defending, but it wouldn’t be possible at all without my job at the LINGUIST List.

In terms of my life outside academia, my primary hobbies are rock climbing, fencing, and video games, though current circumstances have forced me to narrow that down to pretty much just video games, unfortunately. They do a good job of keeping me sane while I work on projects and classes. I’ve also been playing violin for 19 years, though I don’t play as much as I’d like anymore, and I’m fluent in German thanks to attending an immersion elementary school. I took a class on Danish in college because that’s where my ancestors came from, but I admittedly don’t speak it very well.

As I mentioned, all of us here at LL are graduate students in Linguistics at Indiana University. By working here, we get our tuition paid as well as a small stipend, allowing us to contribute to the community directly while learning to contribute to the field academically. We are committed to keeping LL free, especially since a not insignificant portion of our readers are (we’re pretty sure) graduate students or recent graduates seeking jobs.

So when you support the LINGUIST List, you’re not just supporting a valuable resource for the Linguistics community, but several linguists in training. We’re still a long ways away from our funddrive goal for this year. To those of you who have already donated, we cannot thank you enough. We’ve survived for nearly 30 years thanks to the support of our large community. With your support, we can finish building the new, modern website and continue bringing you the valuable information and news of what’s new in the world of Linguistics.

Thank you again for all of your support, everyone here at LINGUIST List is forever grateful to all of you. If you would like to help us to continue providing resources to the linguistic community please visit our fund drive page and donate (

Final Advisor’s Challenge!

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If you’re able, please donate TODAY! We are incredibly grateful to serve the international linguistics community and look forward to continuing our service for years to come!

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Today, we’re inviting you to donate $2 (or any amount) to LINGUIST List, and honestly, it is difficult to think of very many things nowadays that only cost $2. However, if each of our subscribers donated just $2 (the equivalent cost of a candy bar or pack of gum), we would meet – and in fact surpass – our entire fundraising goal for this year! As our Fund Drive draws to a close, if you use LINGUIST List on a regular basis but haven’t yet donated, I would encourage you to make a donation of $2. For a nonprofit organization like LINGUIST List, it’s not the big one-time donations that make the most difference, but the small, steady donations over time. YOU have the power to keep LINGUIST List up and running, and by doing so, support the work of linguists the world over!

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Advisor’s Matched Funds Challenge!

A Challenge has been issued! Donate THIS WEEKEND to make double the impact!

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As you know, LINGUIST List is staffed almost entirely by graduate students, with the exception of our fearless faculty leader, Dr. Malgorzata Cavar. As finals and the holidays approach, I think it’s safe to say we’re not alone in needing a bit of extra caffeine! We invite you to support your fellow linguists by donating the equivalent of the cost of a cup of tea or coffee ($5 or any amount). By supporting LINGUIST List, you are not only supporting the work of other professional linguists, but also supporting up-and-coming linguists, including us, the staff of LINGUIST List, as well as numerous other undergraduate and graduate students who rely on LINGUIST List’s resources as their gateway into the linguistics community. This time of year, no matter where we are in our linguistics journey, we could all use a pick-me-up in the form of a hot beverage!

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– bandages that look like strips of bacon

OR, instead, you could invest in your favorite essential linguistic resource! We invite you to donate $10 (or any amount) to LINGUIST List. Your donation will help make sure that linguists around the world can continue to freely access our services and resources.

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who have already donated!

Staff Letter: Everett Green

Everett Green

Hello, Fellow Linguists!

My name is Everett Green, and I am currently the general editor for the LINGUIST List. I am chiefly responsible for all of the lower traffic submission areas (i.e. FYI’s, Software, Media, Discussions, etc.) but since I am trained on almost all of the editorial areas (sans 3 or 4) I try to spend time helping out my colleagues with their tasks when the opportunity arises. Lately, I have been spending my time managing the fund drive posts so I can not thank those of you who have donated enough, especially in these particularly stressful times.

As some of my colleagues have mentioned, this job gives us a considerable amount of insight into the field of linguistics as a whole and since I have worked in almost all of the editorial areas in some capacity, I have gained a respectable overview of the field of linguistics. In particular the jobs and conference call submission areas showcase some very interesting research. However, I am a bit biased here as these are the two primary areas that I was responsible for in the past. The sampling of the research space that our job provides has been invaluable in helping me to determine my own research interests and, as another bonus, it is quite heartening to see some of the great research that all of you do.

Outside of the LINGUIST List, I am a dual PhD student in Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Generally, I study neural networks (among other techniques) and how we can use these to create artificial agents (i.e. virtual agents, robots) that ground their understanding of language in the context of their environment as humans do in the real world. Lately, I have been studying a special type of neural network called a transformer network which was the network architecture behind the recent breakthrough language model, GPT-3 (explanation here:

The opportunity to work with the faculty here at Indiana University, who have deep knowledge on the aforementioned topics, is not something that I take for granted. Without the support of the LINGUIST List, I would have gone deeply in debt to acquire the knowledge that I currently possess and more than likely would not have been able to be a part of the research community at all. So I cannot thank you all enough for your support. I only hope that I can repay the favor by contributing research that makes all of your lives healthier and happier. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to read about me and I hope to keep assisting all of you in whatever way that I can here at the LINGUIST List.

Best wishes to all of you,

If you haven’t donated and you would like to, you can do so by visiting our donation website here:


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In all seriousness, your $15 will go towards keeping LINGUIST List up and running so that we can continue connecting the linguistics community through services like job and program listings, conference and journal calls for papers, TOC’s, and more!

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If you could choose anyone, living or dead, to have dinner with, who would it be? Would it be a fellow linguist?

Good news: if the linguist in question is living, you can probably connect with them through the LINGUIST List! Whether you wish to attend a conference they’re giving a keynote at, or to read their newest publication, LINGUIST List has you covered. So, we invite you to donate the price of a nice dinner ($20 or any amount) to help LINGUIST List continue to connect linguists with like-minded researchers, educators, and innovators across the world.

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$30 for 30 Years

Dear Linguist Listers,

As our regular readers well know by now, this year is LINGUIST List’s 30th anniversary! In honor of the Fund Drive, instead of 30 candles, we’d like to ask for 30 dollars…or pounds, euros, yen, pesos, wons, or any other currency you’re able to give!

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All the best,
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