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The LINGUIST List Events in March

Dear Colleagues, Subscribers, and Supporters,

While we are all very much engaged in managing the normal operations of The LINGUIST List and running the 2015 Fund Drive, Heike Zinsmeister, a linguist and colleague from the University of Hamburg in Germany, visited our office in Bloomington at Indiana University.

Heike Zinsmeister visiting LINGUIST List at Indiana University (March 2015)

Heike Zinsmeister visiting LINGUIST List at Indiana University (March 2015)

Should you be on the IU campus in Bloomington, we would love to meet you. Please come and see us!

Please consider supporting LINGUIST List with a donation during the fund drive.

The LINGUIST List Team!


Fund Drive and The LINGUIST List Team 2015

Dear Colleagues, Subscribers, and Supporters,

Perhaps you were wondering, who are these people at LINGUIST List at Indiana University running the operation, posting your submissions, maintaining EasyAbs, correcting and changing conference announcements. Here is a picture of some of the students, programmers, and managers of the LINGUIST List Team at Indiana University:

Some members of the Linguist List Crew (March 2015)

Some members of the Linguist List Crew (March 2015)

These are some of the people who volunteer, work hourly, are graduate assistants, or full time employees at LINGUIST List. There are many more of supporters, student and faculty editors on the IU campus and at other locations.

Everybody at LINGUIST List is convinced that the service that LINGUIST offers to the international community is important and should be continued. It is a service for the international linguistic community, operated by members of the international linguistic community, and supported and funded by the same community. It is independent. It is free from corporate or market pressure. It is full of enthusiastic lovers of languages and linguistics.

To be able to continue the service, LINGUIST needs your support. Some of the people in the picture above need financial support to be able to support the LINGUIST List operation. We ask you to support the work of the student editors with a donation during the 2015 fund drive.

You do not have to support our office puppy, we got enough supply for her:

The LINGUIST List Office Puppy

The LINGUIST List Office Puppy

She is very modest and does not need much more than the love and care of all office members:



However, the everyday operations of LINGUIST are costly. We pay for the servers to run mailing lists, not just the two lists that LINGUIST List manages, but also numerous other lists for the global linguistic community. The website for the LINGUIST List, as well as some websites for other organizations and projects are hosted by The LINGUIST List. LINGUIST has to pay for the traffic and maintenance of the servers, the storage space and the computer hosting. While LINGUIST is mainly run by graduate assistants who receive a stipend during the semesters, the summer time LINGUIST has to pay students hourly to continue working as editors. Without their help, LINGUIST cannot function.

The Fund Drive 2015 is asking for donations to cover these costs to fund the operation of LINGUIST List and support the editing students. Please consider donating to The LINGUIST List on the fund drive website.

Thank you!

Your LINGUIST List Team


Syntax: Favorite Tree of Editor Ashley Parker

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers:

As you may have seen, the theme for Fund Drive 2015 is Branching Out. As we are all settling into our new lives in Indiana, our theme has to do with laying new roots, planting new orchards, and setting an environment for LINGUIST List to thrive in future. Trees are a big part of our Fund Drive (see, a big part of our lives, and a big part of linguistics.

When asked to consider what my favorite linguistic tree is, my mind filled with complex, clever, and even controversial parse trees and abstract syntax trees. I visited MultiTree ( to find a language tree that was special to me. While I find all of that incredibly fascinating, there is no linguistic tree that is more special to me than this one:

Favorite Tree

Sure, this tree is quite simplistic and seemingly banal, but it’s the first linguistic tree I ever drew. It was the undergraduate class in which I drew this tree that lead me to a future in linguistics. Without this tree, I would likely have vastly different career aspirations, and I certainly wouldn’t be here at LINGUIST List working with what I love—linguistics—every day. Of course, my knowledge and work with trees has grown bigger than NPs, but this is the most sentimental to me! Therefore, I am proud to call this tiny tree my favorite tree of all.

Please consider supporting our Fund Drive by making a donation to LINGUIST List. Your support is not only important, but vital to our operation. We are so grateful for everyone’s support and the incredible future that you are helping to grow.


Ashley Parker

Student Editor





Got an abstract? There are 218 conferences awaiting your submission.

Think about it: in your career, how many conferences have you gone to? How many have you presented at? How many abstracts have you submitted for papers, talks, poster sessions, panels, and colloquia?

And of those, how many did you find out about through the LINGUIST List?

An academic’s need to attend and present at conferences, and the inherently chaotic nature of the academic conference system, is precisely what makes the Calls and Conferences feature of the LINGUIST List such an indispensable tool. Rather than relying on word of mouth or hoping that your colleagues will remember to CC you on an email, you can count on LINGUIST to keep you informed about your field’s most important conference and the associated call for papers.

But we do far more than just email you this important information: we also have a searchable database of all upcoming linguistic conferences ( and all active calls for papers ( We also have an events calendar to keep you organized (, so you’ll never have to present in Germany one day and Japan the next.

If you’re a conference organizer, you probably know how much easier it is to submit a conference announcement, program, and call for papers via LINGUIST than to email your colleagues one by one. You also know that we circulate your submission within 48 hours. But did you know that we provide a free, user-friendly platform ( for your participants to submit abstracts? Or that we’re developing an online registration service ( to bring your attendees to you, minus the headaches?

As of this week, the LINGUIST List has records for 787 conferences taking place all over the world between now and September 2015, with 218 active calls for papers. And these aren’t just English: we distribute announcements in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and, once, even Papiamento!

We do all this for the sake of the linguistic community at no cost to you, which means we rely solely upon the generosity of our supporters. If you have found these services valuable, please donate to the LINGUIST List today.

Without your donation, we can’t continue to provide our Calls and Conferences services that you, as an academic, rely on. We’re counting on you!

With sincerest gratitude,

Bryn Hauk, Xiyan Wang & Anna White
Calls & Conferences Editors

LINGUIST: A Non-Profit Service for Linguists

Dear Subscribers,

I came from Shanghai, China and I am so happy that I have joined the LINGUIST team over the past six years. I really appreciate the LINGUIST List for giving me this job opportunity. Right now I can support my family, raise my kid, and learn a lot of new things from different projects.

As a full time programmer for LINGUIST, I have been involved in many different projects. This year I am mainly involved in two projects: LEGO and EasyReg. For the LEGO project, we have uploaded 31 lexicons and we will upload more lexicons and more than 3000 word lists into our system. Then the user can search all the data in these lexicons and word lists through our faceted search facility. The EasyReg facility was launched a few months ago. The EasyReg system will help conference organizer to set up online registration system easily and let registrants submit and pay registration fee online through their customized registration system.

Also I help to maintain the publisher, finance and EasyAbs web sites.

LINGUIST is non-profit organization. It provides free service for all linguist users in the world. Your donations – even a small amount – will mean a lot for us. Your contribution will help us to continually run another year to provide more service for linguist users and gave us the chance to work here.

Please help us to donate at:

Thanks again for your continued support and donations!

Yours sincerely,
Li (Lily) Zheng
LINGUIST Programmer

LINGUIST: A Stepping-Stone for Students

Dear LINGUIST LIST Subscribers,

My name is Danuta Allen and I am an undergraduate student of Linguistics at Eastern Michigan University. I have only begun working for the LINGUIST List, and I am truly grateful for being offered this experience. I am very excited to learn every day something new and valuable about the projects the LL Staff and Volunteers have been developing and maintaining here, that I would never otherwise learn about by merely taking my linguistics courses at EMU. I love my major and consider working for the LINGUIST List to be a wonderful and significant stepping-stone for my future career as a linguist. Without your financial support, students like me would not be given this amazing opportunity.

The LINGUIST List plays an important role for the linguistic community as it continues to support several graduate students through their higher education, allowing them to pursue a degree in linguistics. Without your donations, it would not be possible. Please, remember the long-term contributions the LINGUIST List makes to the field of linguistics through the training it offers to the students. The linguistic disciplines will someday benefit from the knowledge and experience students will offer as full-fledged professional linguists.

Please, consider donating to the LINGUIST List. Make it your opportunity to contribute to the field of linguistics by supporting future linguists like me in gaining such valuable professional experience. This is an opportunity that only becomes available once a year, so don’t miss it! You can donate via this link:

Danuta Allen

LINGUIST: Supporting Linguistics Internationally

Dear subscribers,

I am Xiyan Wang from China. I graduated with my M.A. in Linguistics in April 2013 and continued my editing work at LINGUIST List until now. In addition to the data and tools for scholars in their research and field work, LINGUIST List provides the unique resources and information for the whole linguistic community.

Please donate so that our service for all the users and the linguistic community could continue:

Since last summer I have been working with other crew members on Calls & Conferences, Institutions & Programs and LL-Map. Through Calls & Conferences services, users can announce conferences and find conferences relevant to their interests. Institutions & Programs provide information on institutions and programs that specialize in particular languages or fields of study for students and faculty. LL-MAP not only helps the user with dynamic search for language data, it also gives scholars the opportunity to utilize our site for the creation of their own language maps.

The idea of keeping the resources and services free and easy to access for scholars, students and all users is deeply held in LINGUIST List. However, we could not fully achieve these goals without your generous donation every year. I have been working at LINGUIST List as an international student for about two and a half years. I have always been grateful to this organization’s support with which I finished my MA study and graduated last April. The study and work here is already part of treasure in my life that I will never forget. Your support and donation has always been very significant to assist the many international graduate students like me and help us continue our efforts of providing better services to the linguistic community. Even a small sum of money will be valuable to LINGUIST List and eventually all the users benefit from your generous donations. We need your help, please donate with just one click:

Xiyan Wang

LINGUIST: A Hub for Open and Free Services

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

My name is Andrew Lamont. I’m a student editor at the LINGUIST List. I came to the LINGUIST List last January to volunteer on LL-MAP and MultiTree. Prior to this exposure, I had only dreamt of such a central hub of linguistic resources as accessible and open as these. As I began delving deeper into the treasure trove of the LINGUIST List, I came to realize what an incredible resource our community has.

The time I spend supporting the LINGUIST List has been one of the most valuable experiences of my working life as a tyro linguist. Not only am I working towards goals shared by the entire community, but my time here enables me to pursue graduate studies, pursuing my own academic goals. Like many of you, I depend on the LINGUIST List.

Here in the office, I work on announcements of publications, act as a listserv administrator, and run the tech team. Like everyone else here who works hard to keep the LINGUIST List running smoothly, I know the LINGUIST List depends on me.

The LINGUIST List also depends on our subscribers for their support. While we in the office keep everything running smoothly, you keep everything running. I hope you’ll take the time to consider supporting this vital resource we all benefit from.

Please visit the link below to read more about this year’s fund drive and to make a donation.

Thank You,

Andrew Lamont

LINGUIST: A Guide to Linguistic Resources

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

As the Managing Editor, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve gained is how to guide linguists to resources that are relevant to their needs. The LINGUIST List has the ability to provide a multitude of features to the linguistic community without requiring a subscription fee. Without this fee to provide our services to the entire community, we rely on your donations to keep our services available to everyone. Please consider donating again so we can continue to offer the latest resources in linguistics:

I started working at The LINGUIST List as a volunteer in September 2011 simply because I wanted to gain some experience in linguistics and network within the linguistic community. It turned out that later I was offered a position as a student worker, then as a graduate assistant, and now, as the managing editor. I know that I would not have been offered these opportunities had it not been for your donations in past fund drives.

During this past year, our office has been able to work in redesigning project websites. Most recently we were able to release a beta-edition of MultiTree ( and have been able to begin the infrastructure for the new LINGUIST List website! We are excited to be working on this and we are relying on your donations more than ever to allow us to show results from our current and future staff.

If you donate today, you will ensure that our services for the linguistic community will continue, as well as support the work of students like myself. I greatly appreciate any donations that ensure more students will have the same opportunities that I had.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Sarah Fox
Managing Editor

Our LINGUIST-Lister Danuta is sending you greetings in Polish!

Drodzy użytkownicy LINGUIST LIST!

Nazywam się Danuta Allen i jestem studentką lingwistyki na Uniwersytecie Eastern Michigan. Dopiero rozpoczęłam pracę dla LINGUIST LIST, i jestem niezmiernie wdzięczna za to doświadczenie. Każdego dnia uczę się czegoś nowego o tworzonych i rozwijanych tutaj projektach, czego przenigdy nie dowiedziałabym się z zajęć teoretycznych na uczelni. Uwielbiam swój kierunek studiów i uważam pracę dla LINGUIST LIST za cudowne i bardzo ważne doświadczenie w mojej przyszłej karierze zawodowej. Bez Waszego wsparcia finansowego, studenci tacy jak ja nie mieliby tej możliwości.

LINGUIST LIST odgrywa znaczącą rolę w językoznawczej społeczności, jako że wspomaga wielu absolwentów w konynuowaniu nauki i otrzymaniu wyższych dyplomów. Bez Waszych dotacji nie byłoby to możliwe. Pamiętajcie proszę długoterminowe korzyści jakie LINGUIST LIST dostarcza dla dziedziny lingwistyki poprzez szkolenia oferowane studentom. Pewnego dnia, dyscypliny językoznawcze skorzystają na wiedzy i ich doświadczeniu jako w pełni wykształconych, profesjonalnych językoznawców.

U przejmie apeluję do Was o rozważenie przesłania dotacji dla LINGUIST LIST. Wspomóżcie dziedzinę lingwistyki poprzez dostarczenie środków umożliwiających takim studentom jak ja zdobycie ważnego doświadczenia zawodowego. To jest okazja, która pojawia się tylko raz  w roku, a zatem nie przegapcie jej! Możecie dokonać wsparcia finansowego poprzez poniższy link:

Serdecznie dziękuję za Waszą hojność, 
Danuta Allen