2019 Challenges Have Begun!

Hello Linguists and Subscribers! It’s that time again, and we’re excited to announce this year’s Fund Drive challenges are off to an awesome start!


Pragmatics has claimed an early lead with $650.00

Pragmatics takes a solid lead in the subfield challenge!

Syntax comes in second with $470.00
Last year Philosophy of Language never reached the top three, but this year they’re starting off the Fund Drive in third play with $323.00


Southern Illinois University Carbondale has started off this year’s challenges with a narrow lead of $500.00 (1 donor)
University of South Carolina follows closely behind with $450.00 (3 donors)
University of Michigan takes third with $200.00 (1 donor)

North America only JUST leads with a total of 14 North American donors
Europe also started out strong with a total of 12 donors
The Middle East comes in third with 1 donor

United States of America (USA) represents the lead (for now!) with 14 donors
Spain and the United Kingdom are tied for second with 3 donors each–who will come out on top?
In third place Germany comes in with 2 donors!

As always, we appreciate all the support of our readers and donors. Thanks for three decades of being awesome and helping us serve the global linguistics community!
-The LL Team

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