A Day in the Life of a LINGUIST List Editor

I have now just arrived to my desk at the LINGUIST List office, let’s get to work!


First let’s take care of some emails. It looks like we have someone interested in a book announcement, this is great! Sending out a book announcement will allow them to reach an incredibly large audience of wonderful linguists! I will be sure to send them information on becoming a supporting publisher, and all the great benefits that come along with doing so. I hope they will be interested


Next, it’s a new month, meaning new reviewers have been hand selected to review books announced here at LINGUIST List. Let’s make sure our publishers know where to send their books. I will go right ahead and send them the reviewer information. Not to worry, if they need any additional information to make the delivery, I will be happy to help.


Now it’s time to send out our new Available for Review (AFR) list. I better get this out quick, I know our reviewers are eager to choose a new book! After carefully generating the new list of books that have been announced this past month, it’s time to send it off. Have fun selecting everybody!


Now let’s send out some book announcements. It’s my job to make sure every single book is relevant to our outstanding community. It looks like these books qualify, let’s get to editing and send them out! I will take careful attention to check that these books are published and currently available, that each hyperlink is functional, that the topic is linguistically relevant, and that the description is clean and readable. After hand-editing each book, they are ready to go! Let’s send them out to the community. I hope these books will be of interest to our readers!


Now for my final task. It’s time for me to describe my daily tasks at the LINGUIST List. 


Where should I start?


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