A Word of Thanks

Dear readers,

Yesterday, for the first time ever, the LINGUIST List was offline for the day. For 24 hours, we did not send out the usual dozens of issues, blog posts, or tweets. We hoped to raise awareness for our financial need and the important role that we play in the community. We hoped that, in this way, we would be able to reach our 30 000+ users with our appeal support.

We are writing now to thank you for the surge of generosity that appeared yesterday: we raised over $6 000 in one day, bringing us nearly 40% of the way to our goal. We saw support from all over the world, representing the global reach of our services. To each of our donors, we offer our sincerest thanks!

Even with so many new donors during the “Day Without the LINGUIST List”, we still estimate that only about 1.8% of all our users have donated to date.

If just 1 in 10 users donated $10, we could reach our goal TODAY. We could stop sending so many emails and bothering you with pop-ups. We can get back to doing what we do best: serving the international linguistics community.

Please, if you haven’t yet, visit our Fund Drive homepage to learn more about what we do and why we need your help: http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/

Your LINGUIST List team

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