Advisory Board Challenge

Dear Linguist List-ers,

Our Fund Drive is now coming to an end, so it is time to acknowledge out Advisory Board: Jeff Allen, Anthony Aristar, Helen Aristar Dry, Emily Bender, Andrea Berez, Kelly Harper Berkson, Arendse Bernth, Hans Christian Boas, Vladimir Borschev, Andrew Carnie, Stuart Davis, Manuel Díaz-Campos, Sebastian Drude, Stan Dubinsky, Arienne M Dwyer, Paul D. Fallon, Hana Filip, Lenore A. Grenoble, Pius Ten Hacken, John Hale, S.J. Hannahs, Susan C. Herring, Dick Hudson, Martin M. Jacobsen, D. Terence Langendoen, John Lawler, Elizabeth D. Liddy, Ahmad R. Lotfi, Monica Macaulay, Brian MacWhinney, Ernest N McCarus, Joyce Milambiling, Steven Moran, Geoffrey S. Nathan, Alexis Palmer, Barbara Partee, Paul Peranteau, Joseph Salmons, Vladimir Selegey, Farzad Sharifian, Chilin Shih, Richard Sproat, Bethany Townsend, Elly van Gelderen, Ljuba Veselinova, Andrew Winnard, Margaret E. Winters, Arnold Zwicky and Wilhelm Meya. We would like to thank the members of our board for all sorts of support – financial, moral, logistical, lobbying and advising. Your contributions will not go unnoticed!

Our Board is specially involved in this Fund Drive and wants to challenge you: if we manage to collect more than $1,500 in donations till midnight (EST) on Friday, our donors will match it up to the amount of $2,000! Please help us, even $5 help us to achieve our goal. Support our student editors and enable the operation of the Linguist List in 2022! Donate at:

Malgosia Cavar

On behalf of the LINGUIST List Team

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