An Upset in the Subfield Challenge!

Hello again linguists and supporters! Check out our most recent challenge rankings to find out where your university or subfield stands!

In the Subfield Challenge:
Computation linguistics still remains in the lead for the time being, with $1465!
In second place, Syntax follows closely with $1065.
Sociolinguistics has outstretched Semantics, replacing it in third with $1030 (and coming dangerous close to replacing Syntax too!)
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In the University Challenge:
Stanford University leads–for the time being–with $1370 from a total of 20 donors!
University of Washington is even closer than before, with $1160 from 11 donors.
Arizona State University with $500 from only 1 donor!
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Region Challenge:
North American has increased its lead 78 donors, now outstretching Europe by more than double!
Europe comes in second with 35 donors–for now! Can Europe upset North America?
Asia is in third with 8 donors.
We’re so grateful for our donors from all over the world!
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Country Challenge:
The US remains in the lead with 74 donors!
Germany is in second with 11 donors.
Austria comes up third with 5 donors.
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We’re grateful for your support and participation. Three cheers to our donors, who’ve been behind us for nearly three decades.
–The LL Team

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