Announcing the 2016 Premiums!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Happy Wednesday to all! We are so excited to have reached the $4,000 mark in our Fund Drive this week, however, we still have a long way to go. Our goal is to collect $79,000 for our editors and the programming support.

Today we want to show you our Fund Drive premiums—what you can get for free with a donation to LINGUIST List as a thank you!

With a minimum donation of $250, you can get this Classic Embroidered Zip-Up Sweatshirt. Our classic sweatshirt features two arm-length sleeves and an attractive LINGUIST List logo. For the price of just 125 cups of coffee you can show off your linguistics swag even on a windy day!


What casual picnic setting could not be improved by a Classic LINGUIST List T-Shirt? This wardrobe staple is 100% cotton and 100% LINGUIST List approved. Make a donation today and secure your place in linguistics fashion for the low, low minimum donation of $100.


Not looking to accessorize? We have you covered with our official LINGUIST List Playing Cards! These cards are compatible with a number of popular card games and the only deck that officially sports the LINGUIST List logo. For the minimum donation of $75, these 52 beautifully crafted cards can be yours. That’s only $1.44 per card guaranteed!


Are you the type of modern person who owns a flat surface that distinctly lacks a hip LINGUIST List sticker? Well, fear not! For a minimum donation of $10, we will happily send you a stunning sticker featuring the classic LINGUIST List logo. Batteries are neither included nor required! Get yours today.


Remember, you are not donating just for a premium, or even for your own interest alone –LINGUIST List is read worldwide, by professionals but also students and language enthusiasts who otherwise would have much more limited access to linguistic contents.

Will you make a donation and help us reach our goal?


Your LINGUIST List Team

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