Challenge Update 4!

Hey readers!

It’s the fourth week of fund drive and it’s time for a challenges update. Thanks to the help of our readers, we’ve just surpassed 20% of our goal! How quickly can we make it to 50%? Let’s see how our donors are stacking up.

For the Subfield Challenge, it looks like Syntax likes their first place spot and they are still in the lead with a total of $1,310 donated! Sociolinguistics wanted second place back so they surpassed Phonology and have a total of $1,010 in donations. First and second place are getting pretty close! Phonology is in third place and are catching up with $812.32 in donations. How will this battle between Sociolinguistics and Phonology pan out?!

The University of Southern Carolina is also liking their first place spot in the University Challenge. They’re still in the lead in terms of the number of donations and in amount of money donated, with 9 donors and $840 respectively. LINGUIST List’s host university, Indiana University Bloomington, is still in second place with $385 in donations, which is unchanged from last week. Also like last week, we have the University of Surrey in third place with $250 donated. Will we see a more heated competition this week?

North America is still leading in the Region Challenge, and with five more donors they keep their first place spot at 66 donors. We got some more donors from Europe who comes in second place with 39 donors. Asia is holding onto third place with 7 donors. Will Europe catch up to North America?

If you want to participate in this challenge, please consider donating to The LINGUIST List by visiting our Fund Drive website! (

The LL Team

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