Challenge Update: Last Chance!

Dear Linguists,

As of this announcement, the counter on our website has reached $24,155.88 and we are starting the countdown to the end of the Fund Drive. If you can donate—if you want help ensure smooth operation of the LINGUIST List in 2022—now is the time. Any donation is appreciated; even $5 makes a difference. Together, we are strong. There are thousands of linguists who read our posts and can contribute. If you donate, your contribution might be the $5 that makes a difference between whether the LINGUIST List can afford 6 or 7 editors next year. As we are wrapping up this year’s Fund Drive, please make it happen and donate before Friday at:

In the subfield challenge, sociolinguistics took a comfortable lead, with $3,608 in donations. Phonology is in second, followed closely by Historical Linguistics and Syntax—which had previously held the first place spot! Check the rankings at and you may just be able to raise your subfield in the rankings.
19 linguists from the University of South Carolina ensured the top rank of their university in our university challenge with a combined donation of $1,300. They are followed closely by Indiana University, Stanford University, Wayne State University and the University of Illinois. Thank you for your continued support! In the country challenge, the leader is the US with 156 donors, followed by Germany, UK, Canada, Italy and Australia.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our Fund Drive challenges. We appreciate your donations, whether you took your subfield or university to the top of the rankings, or whether you were the only donor from your area of study. We are happy to see the support of such a variety of linguists!

Our warmest thanks to all contributors! There is no LINGUIST List without its readers, thank you linguistics!

Malgosia and the LINGUIST List team

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