Challenge Update: Week 3

Dear LINGUIST List readers,


We are two weeks into the fund drive and the counter shows $9,371.00!


This is just over 23% of our goal this year! If we reach our fund-raising goal this year, $40,000, we will be able to fund approximately 2.5 months of our operations in 2022. The largest portion of our budget is to support our student editors, who thanks to your generosity will graduate without debt. Thanks to your generous support, we have remained independent and completely free to our readers for over 30 years. We want to thank all those who have already donated and encourage all of you in supporting our fund drive !


82 people have donated to the fund drive so far. We have over 20,000 subscribers, close to 60,000 unique visitors and over 10,000,000 page views per year on our web site. I am so happy that these 82 are part of our community. We owe them so much.


Thank you, syntax! Syntax leads in our discipline challenge with $1,405 donated so-far. Second place goes this week to sociolinguistics (hooray!) and third to pragmatics (hooray!). Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics and Language are all close behind. Colleagues, an individual donation can push your discipline to the top of our challenge!


The University of South Carolina has not given up the lead in the university challenge since the beginning of the fund drive! Cheers to the 10 generous donors who together donated $825. At this moment, no university seems to endanger the lead of the University of South Carolina. Temple University at Japan is still our number two, Arizona State University – number three. Five universities tie on the fourth place with $200 in donations each: University of Arizona, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara, Carleton University and University of Amsterdam. Thank you!


The full list of our supporters this year can be found here:


Please donate, every amount counts! Thank you, linguistics!




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