Challenge Update: Week 6

Hello readers,

Here is our mid-week challenge update! Since the weekend update, we’ve reached 24.22%, thank you all!

Even though there hasn’t been an update since the weekend, Syntax is holding onto their lead position in the Subfield Challege with $1,600 in donations. Sociolinguistics is coming in strong in second place still with $1,100 in donations, and Language Acquisition with $843.99 wants to keep the third place spot they snagged from Phonology.

For the University Challenge, University of Southern Carolina is keen on keeping their first place spot in terms of most donations and most money donated. They have 11 donors totaling $915! Indiana University is still in second place but has moved up a bit with $435 and 5 donors. In third place we have the University of Surrey with 1 donor at $250. That’s a very generous donation!

In the region challenge, we have received a few donations from North America for the Region Challenge, which brings them to 78 donors. Europe has increased its numbers a bit and is still in second with 49 donors while Asia remains in third place with an increase to 11 donors (up from 10 last week).

There wasn’t much to update in terms of challenges this week, but we have received donations since our last update and every donation matters. We appreciate everyone’s help in this, any amount you can give helps LINGUIST List fund graduate students and also allows us to keep providing our readers with necessary resources. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.

The LL team

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