Challenge Update: Week 7

Hello Linguist Listers!

Welcome to another round of our challenge updates!

We have moved from 24.22% of our total goal up to 36.11% since our last challenge update… A huge increase! We really appreciate all of you who donate year after year as we would not exist without your help. Now let’s take a look at the challenges.

In the Subfield Challenge, we have Syntax holding fast to their lead as usual. They have increased their already impressive contributions from $1,600 up to $1,930. Will they be the first to break the 2K barrier? In second place we have another switcheroo as Phonology has reclaimed the second place position from Sociolinguistics with $1787.32 donated. The lead is still narrow however, as Sociolinguistics is right behind them with $1710.00. The competition between these two fields has been intense for quite awhile. Stay tuned to see who pulls ahead.

In the University Challenge we have Indiana University, Bloomington taking a strong lead at $1,335.00. This is up from $435 in the last update. What an increase! In second place we have the University of South Carolina still holding the position with $915 donated and in third place, we have Stanford University with $625.00 donated.

For the Region Challenge we have North America holding its first place position with 109 donors. They are now he first region to break the 3-figure barrier. In second place we have Europe with 78 donors and in third place we have Asia with 12 donors.

This was major progress for our fund drive and we cannot thank all of you enough for your donations. Tune in next week for another challenge update and if you want to affect the outcome for your favorite challenge group, you can find our donation website here:

All the best,
– The LL Team

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