Challenge Update: Week 8

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Welcome to our week 8 challenge updates! Since our update last week, we have gone up a significant number of percentage points. We were at 36.11% last week and as of this post’s writing we are at 45.14%!

It looks like we have had some competition in the Subfield Challenge over the past week. Sociolinguistics wanted a taste of first place, and they have it with $2,560 in donations. Phonology is still in second place with $2,307.32. Syntax has since fallen to third place with $2,080 donated.

For the University Challenge we still have our host university, Indiana University, in first place with $1,385 from 8 donors. For second place we have a new member in the top three — Wayne State University with $1,100 in donations from 3 donors! That puts the University of South Carolina in third place with $935.00 across 12 donors. One top contender that we usually see more activity from is the University of Washington. They typically hold a top 3 position in our challenge, but we have only received one donation of $50 from them this year. Do they plan to make a last minute appearance? Are they perhaps waiting to shake things up towards the end of the fund drive? We will have to wait and see!

North America is still in first place for the Region Challenge with 130 donors which is an increase of 21 new donors in a week! In second place we have Europe with 86 donors which is 8 more donors than last week. Asia is still in third place and they have had one new donor this past week.

These challenges are really heating up this year! Tune in next week for another challenge update and if you want to affect the outcome for your favorite challenge group, you can find our donation website here:

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