Challenge Update: Week 9

Hello LINGUIST Listers!

We’re here with our week 9 Challenges Updates. Since last week we have gone up 5.36% which pushes us just over our halfway mark. We have now reached 50.5% of our goal!

For the Subfield Challenge we had an upset for first place. It looks like Syntax wanted their spot back and they are now in the lead with $2,655. Sociolinguistics is in second place with $2,560. These two are really close! We have Phonology in third place with $2,330.32 in donations. The competition between these three subfields has been neck-and-neck throughout this year’s Fund Drive.

For the top two spots in the University Challenge we haven’t seen an update, but Indiana University is holding on strong to their first place spot with $1,385 in donations from 8 donors. Wayne State University is still in second place with $1,100 in donations from 3 donors. For third place, we do see an update. The University of South Carolina is still in third place, but we see an increase in money donated and donors. They now have $960 in donations and 13 donors.

We see a rather large increase in the number of donors from North America for the Regional Challenge. Since our last update 11 more people have updated bringing them to 141 total and keeping them in first place. Europe is still in second place with 102 donors which is also a large increase since last week which was 86 donors. Asia is in third place with 14 donors.

We’ve seen quite a lot of activity from our donors this past week. We at LL greatly appreciate all of your support. Tune in next week to see another update!

…and if you would like to donate, you can do so by visiting our donation page here:

– The LL Team

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