Challenges are heating up!

Hello Linguists and supporters!
The LINGUIST List Fund Drive challenges are taking off, and here’s an update on who’s leading the competition!



 Subfield Challenge:
Syntax is in first place with $805 in donations!
Second place: Sociolinguistics with $240
Third place: Applied Linguistics with $195
Full listing


University Challenge:
Arizona State University is leading with $500!
Second place: University of Macau is tied with University of Alaska Anchorage with $150
Third place: Indiana University with $110


Region Challenge:
Europe has started off with a lead with 22 donors
Second place: North America (20 donors)
Third place: Asia (5 donors)


Country Challenge:
The US takes the lead in this one, with 19 American donors
Second place: Germany (10 donors)
Third place: Austria: (4 donors)


From all of us, thanks to all of you for participating in the fund drive challenges, and for supporting us here at the LINGUIST List for another year! We depend on you and appreciate our donors more than we can say.

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