Challenges Update: Week 3!

Hello Linguist Listers,

Welcome to another challenges update! We have made it past another 5% check point with your help and we are still working towards that coveted 20% mark. Let’s once again take a moment to see who is in the lead in terms of donations.

First up we have the Linguistic Subfield Challenge. Last week Syntax held a lofty lead in first place and this week it has bolstered that lead, widening the gap between first and second place from $135 to $345. So far syntax has donated $1110 and is the first group to break the 4-figure barrier! In second and third place we have an upset this week! The phonology group has boosted their donations to overtake sociolinguistics and claim the second place spot with $765 donated. This lead is razor thin however as sociolinguistics is right behind phonology with $760 donated. A single donation could bring sociolinguistics back into second place. If you’re a staunch sociolinguistics fan and you want to see your subfield move back up the rankings, you know what to do!

Second we have the University Challenge where the University of Southern Carolina still has a strong lead with $820 donated. In second place, we have Indiana University Bloomington with $385 donated and in third place, we have the University of Surrey with $250 donated. In 4th place, we have a newcomer to the top 5 with the University of Toronto at $200 donated and in fifth place we have the National University of Singapore, also with $200 donated.

Checking back in with the region challenge, North America is still in first place with 61 donors. Europe maintains its spot in second place with 36 donors and in third place we have Asia with 7 donors. It looks like both region’s growth rates are about even. Will we see North American dominance wane over time or can it hold on to its top spot? Stay tuned to find out!

If you’re interested in donating and possibly changing who comes out on top in the next challenge update you can do so by visiting our website here:

Once again, thank you all for your continued support.

All the best,
– The LL Team


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