Cryptogram Winners! There’s still a few more prizes…

Dear LINGUIST List readers and supporters,

Yesterday, we posted a puzzle for you to solve with the promise of prizes, and you answered the call! We already have winners who have claimed the SpecGram copies and the magnets, and we now have only 7 post cards to give out. The puzzle is below again if you want to solve it for a sweet Speculative Grammarian post card! We’re so grateful to Trey Jones and the awesome editors at SpecGram for sharing their sweet loot (and cool puzzles) with us.

it’s e’s-y!

If you are interested in claiming one of the remaining post cards, write us an email with the answer and send it to:





Congratulations to Jonas, Magdalena, Jessie, Anda, Julia, Brandon, Jing, Angie, Maša, Marcin, Kamil, and Krzysztof! Thank you for playing!

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Thanks again for your support over the last 29 years. We truly appreciate our supporters, and we truly appreciate the awesome guys at Speculative Grammarian!

Best regards,

The LL Team

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