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Earlier in the Fund Drive, we shared some interesting statistics about EasyAbs, the free service we provide for conference organizers. In the last ten years, over 1,300 conferences have used EasyAbs, with over 75,000 abstracts submitted in that time!

Today we would like to share with you the testimonials of real-life conference organizers who used EasyAbs to make their job, well, a little easier! We want to keep providing this valuable service in years to come, so please, if you haven’t already, visit our Fund Drive homepage. We need your help to reach our goal in order to fund EasyAbs and continue to support conference organizers like those below:


We used EasyAbs to manage the submissions and reviews of abstracts for the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference, 2016. We were under funding constraints for the conference, so having this freely available service was extremely helpful. EasyAbs was, indeed, easy to use, for those who submitted abstracts, for the reviewers, and for us as we prepared the conference program. EasyAbs streamlined the review process significantly. We are grateful that The Linguist List provides this wonderful service.

– Mary Grantham O’Brien, University of Calgary; Tracey Derwing, University of Alberta & Simon Fraser University.

I was pleased with my experience using EasyAbs for managing abstract review. The website is easy to interact with and the folks at LINGUIST List were prompt and helpful whenever I had questions about the site. I will certainly use it again.

– Samson Lotven, Indiana University

I’ve found EasyAbs to be an enormously useful tool when organising conferences. Being able to manage the various aspects of abstract reviewing on one site has made the process very efficient. I’m grateful to the LinguistList for offering us the service without charge.

– Beth Hume, University of Canterbury

It is very useful for a conference organizer to be able to widely advertise an upcoming event on Linguist List. Just a simple e-mail to the editors will do to spread the news to the linguistics community. The EasyAbs service deserves its name because it makes it really easy to organize the practicalities around conference abstracts, both for organizers and participants.

In particular, organizing the Nordic Prosody XII conference 2016 I enjoyed the quick and smooth help from the list’s conference support!”

– Wilm van Dommelen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

We have used EasyAbs for our last two international conferences at Lancaster University. It works very smoothly, and has been ideal for our needs in dealing with quite large numbers of submissions and the subsequent review process. We are really grateful for the provision of such an effective system made available to the linguist list, and beyond, and we profoundly hope that it continues to be a service to academics in our community – we’d like to use it again for our next meeting!

– Padraic Monaghan, Lancaster University

We have used EasyAbs for several conferences now and we would use it again. EasyAbs is a great tool, easy to handle and free, which might be especially important for the organisers of smaller conferences such as ours.

EasyAbs is perfectly integrated with the LinguistList conference services which helped us along the entire way from conference announcement to the call for papers and the whole abstract submission and review process, to finally announcing our programme on LinguistList. What’s particularly useful about EasyAbs is that organisers and reviewers have independent access to the abstracts and you can easily organise double-blind reviewing by assigning and e-mailing reviewers etc. You can send Accept/Reject mails directly from the facility and it even offers sample letters (which may help especially when you aren’t a native speaker of English).

We think EasyAbs is a great service to the linguistics community. We would recommend it to anyone organising a small- to medium-size conference.

– Andrea Ender and Irmtraud Kaiser, Universität Salzburg

I really recommend EasyAbs. It is an easy to use platform and the support is great. It has made it much easier for us to upload and review abstracts for our conference.

– Julia Miller, president of AustraLex

The Arabic Linguistics Society has benefited tremendously from the Linguist List’s free EasyAbs tool in vetting abstracts for its annual symposia. The system is user-friendly for the conference organizers, the authors, and the reviewers. This takes, without a doubt, a lot of labor behind the scenes at the Linguist List, and for that, we are truly grateful.

– Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Executive Director of the Arabic Linguistics Society

Easy Abs is a unique facility offered byLinguistList. From the very first moment I undertook the organization of an international conference and judging by the clear and neat way LinguistList’s website is organized, I trusted Easy Abs for a smooth conference program outcome. Easy Abs facilitates abstracts uploading and the process of reviewers’ selection, accelerates the review and notification process, as well as the final program organization. All in all, Easy Abs helps even the most hopeless conference (or event) organizer become the greater conference (or event) host! Try it!

– Marina Tzakosta, University of Crete

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