Featured Linguist: Naomi Nagy

For this week’s Featured Linguist post, we bring you some great work being done by Professor Naomi Nagy at the University of Toronto.
Be sure to check the link at the end since it contains the lion’s share of the information for this week’s post!

My need to understand how languages work in multilingual contexts goes back to my childhood. I remember learning that my hometown of Montreal was famous as a bilingual city. As a preschooler, I thought the two relevant languages were Hungarian and English – the languages I heard among family and friends. When I learned a few years later that it was actually French and English that “counted,” and that there was a long history of scholarship about how these language influence each other, my passion for linguistics was born. Today, I work with a vibrant group of students to document and examine Toronto’s heritage languages, as reported here [LINK: https://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/news/hong-kong-toronto-undergrad-researchers-study-variation-and-change-cantonese].”

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