A letter from Featured Staff Kenneth Steimel

Kenneth, your dedicated Calls & Conferences Editor, representing the LINGUIST List in Zion National Park

Dear LINGUIST List subscribers,

My name is Kenneth Steimel and I am one of the 4 student editors here at the LINGUIST List. I am a PhD student at Indiana University as well. I edit Calls for Papers, Conferences, Media, Software, Queries, Notice Boards, People and Ask-a-linguist. Working for the LINGUIST List has allowed me to pursue my graduate studies. I am pursuing a PhD in Linguistics with an emphasis in Computational Linguistics here at Indiana  University. I would not be able to afford my degree without the support of this organization. Since subscribers like you support the LINGUIST List, I am very thankful to all of you.

This is my second year on staff here at the LINGUIST List and I have been given an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the field of Linguistics. I had no idea that there were so many subdisciplines in Linguistics until I started reading and editing all the conference submissions we receive. It’s encouraging knowing that there’s so much communication about research going on in the field of Linguistics.

I find the Queries section of the listserv particularly interesting since it allows people to collect data and ask relevant questions to a large, knowledgeable audience. There’s research happening right on that board. Sometimes these responses are encapsulated by the Query submitter in a Summary post. Towards the end of last year, someone actually asked a Query that had been asked 15 years ago. I was able to point them to the Summary post from all that time ago. (Their question was also posted because answers also can change after 15 years). It’s awesome to me that we have this tradition of research discussion that stretches back to our origins.

For this year’s fund drive, we need your support again to continue to maintain areas like Conferences and Queries. Without your donations, it becomes hard for us to sustain the services we provide. If you think we provide a meaningful service, please show your appreciation with a contribution at our fund drive homepage. I know everyone here greatly appreciates your donations. Without the support you provide, we would not be able to support graduate assistants like myself who read and edit each post to keep the quality of content high. Truly, thank you.

Your Call & Conference Editor

Kenneth Steimel

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