Featured Staff: Meet Becca Taylor

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Hello! My name is Becca and I am one of the student editors at LINGUIST List. I am the Managing Editor and I am also responsible for posting jobs, supports, and internships. I am a new hire here at LINGUIST List so if you’ve submitted something very recently we have met via email.

I very recently received my MA in Computational Linguistics and am currently a PhD student. I came to IU without any funding for my MA and I am very fortunate that LL has offered me a Graduate Assistantship so that I can continue my PhD here at IU. Because of your continued support LL is able to help me reach my academic goals and for that I am very grateful, so thank you so much!

Even though I found my graduate program through LL, I didn’t realize just how broad our reach is until I was hired here. Through editing jobs, supports, and internships I see firsthand how vast the community of linguists is and how far reaching LL is an organization. LL is a great resource that is accessible to a large number of people and the editors and programmers couldn’t do it without your support.

When you support the LINGUIST List, you are also supporting not just the students that work here, but you are also supporting the open access to the wide array of knowledge that is accessible through LL, anyone in the linguistics community that uses LL, and also the future of an organization that has been supporting linguists for almost three decades.

Thank you again for all of your support, everyone here at LINGUIST List is forever grateful to all of you. If would like to help us to continue providing resources to the linguistic community please visit our fund drive page and donate today.

Thank you again!

Becca Taylor
Managing Editor

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