Featured Staff: Meet Paige Goulding

Hello LINGUIST List Subscribers!

My name is Paige and I am the local web developer here at LINGUIST List, working on a new site for you, our users. I joined the LINGUIST List team in the summer of 2017 thanks to your generous donations and support. I have been working on a new general layout and a submission page to make browsing and submitting to our website easier, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing. I also make promotional graphics, like the ones you have been seeing this fund drive. We hope to roll out aspects of the new site in the next month or two, so you can see exactly how your donations impact what we can do here at the LINGUIST List. If you would like a sneak peak on what we are working on you can check out our previous blog post!

The LINGUIST List has been my place of employment during my master’s program in Computational Linguistics here at IU. I came to IU for the reputation of CL program and for the many amazing things happening at IU’s campus. What I didn’t know was that The LINGUIST List was located here. It was a service I used often in my undergrad as a way of browsing journals and checking out future jobs. I was ecstatic to be hired at the end of my first year at IU to work for a company that I knew had a major impact on the linguistics community.

Your support during this year’s fund drive supports the editors and programmers that help keep the LINGUIST List as a pillar of the linguistic community. Without your support, we would not be able to do all the exciting new things like renovating our website and updating our submission forms. If you would like to continue supporting the LINGUIST List in our endeavors to serve and support the linguistic community, please consider donating to our current fund drive. Thank you from me and all of us here at LINGUIST List.



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