Featured Staff: Meet Yiwen Zhang!

LINGUIST List Programmer Yiwen posing with her MINI!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

This is Yiwen Zhang, a new-bee programmer at LINGUIST List. I’m one of the student programmers that take care of the tech side after our wonderful Lwin left (sadly!). My journey as a LINGUIST List staff member just started at the beginning of this year, so right now I’m focusing on figuring out how everything works, and thankfully I have been making progress!

One of my major tasks currently is to “renovate” the issues published on the LINGUIST List website. As you have probably noticed, our website has maintained a vintage 90s design for a while (which is rarely seen elsewhere now!). This is a crucial part of our recent project to update our main website so that it will provide a better user experience for our subscribers. While doing my job, I had a chance to look back to all those “historical” issues published by the LINGUIST List that date all the way back to 1990. It is amazing to look at the names of the linguists that have published information from various fields of linguistics and how they represent generations of linguistic research. Also, it makes me realized that the LINGUIST List has been a platform that serves the community constantly in nearly 30 years, and how important my job is to keep it in the way as it is for decades.

Aside from my job at the LINGUIST List, I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in general linguistics with a focus in Semantics and Chinese. I am lucky enough to have support from the Linguistic department at Indiana University and the LINGUIST List which largely facilitate my learning and research, and this could not happen without your support. Thank you! All of our staff are really grateful and we are working hard to sustain the services we provide to the linguistic community.

For this year’s fund drive, your support is very much needed so that student programmers and editors like me can be supported continually. If you think our services are meaningful and valuable, please kindly contribute to our fund drive. We will really appreciate your support!


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