Fun Fact: Early Websites

Hi all! 

Nils here with another fun fact. Did you know that the Linguist List is over 30 years old? While our old website wasn’t created until about 1997, the first post over the initial mailing list was sent in December, 1990, and because we archive everything, you can still read it here! This was before browsers were even available to the general public, let alone HTML, which is what we still use for web pages today. 

As a related fun fact, the very first website ever is still up too! It was created by CERN and they have since recreated it. You can find it here.

Websites obviously exploded in the 90s, and we quickly joined the fun around 1997. Of those, most of them have been shut down since, but we have remained all this time! We’re always making improvements, and we’re still working on our newest iteration of the website.

Of course, all of this is only possible due to the generosity of our readers. Donations help us to pay for the servers we use, all the services we provide, and, of course, our wonderful editors who make sure that all content is curated, formatted, and that absolutely no spam gets through to you, our readers. To learn more, please visit our Fund Drive page to learn more about us and why we need your help! The LINGUIST List relies on your generous donations to continue its support of linguists around the world.

Thank you,

Nils Hjortnaes

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