Fun Facts: Student Resources

Hello Linguist Listers,

Many people think of LINGUIST List primarily as a resource for professional academic linguists. While this demographic does make up a large portion of our subscribers, LINGUIST List is also dedicated to serving the needs of up-and-coming linguists.

Our student portal is specifically designed to aid students in their entry into the field. Prospective linguists will find information on the field as a whole, stories about how various linguists became involved in the field, and what types of work is currently going on in the field. Our recently developed Programs platform serves as a database for linguistics programs at universities around the world. Prospective students can search by geographical area, subdiscipline, and type of program. If your university’s program isn’t yet listed, we encourage you to add it here (

LINGUIST List also provides resources for those whose studies are already in progress. LINGUIST List helps publicize numerous conferences geared towards graduate and undergraduate linguists each year. Our Queries section connects student or postgraduate researchers with the larger linguistics community, oftentimes helping them find native speakers or data for ongoing research projects. Our ‘Ask a Linguist’ feature is also an invaluable resource for those who may be new to the field and unsure where to look for answers to questions of a linguistic nature. The student portal includes several writing resources, such as MLA/APA resources, information on language codes (MultiTree), and more. Graduates and postgraduates can also find information on funding opportunities in our Supports section. After completing their studies, LINGUIST List helps connect qualified linguists with employment in their field through our Jobs section, which just this year has advertised 343 jobs so far.

Those of you who have been keeping up with our Fund Drive posts thus far will know that LINGUIST List is staffed entirely by graduate students. Many of us would find it impossible to continue our studies without the funding from our jobs here at the List. Over its thirty-year history, over 200 graduate students have worked at the LINGUIST List as editors and programmers. That means that there are potentially up to 200 linguists working in the field today whose studies were directly supported by YOU, the subscribers of LINGUIST List!

We’re very proud that a large part of our work these past thirty years has been to help students as they enter the field of linguistics and provide resources and insight into our vibrant community of study. Since LINGUIST List is partly funded by donations, we want to thank those who have given throughout the years. You have enabled countless young linguists to find the resources and support they needed to pursue their work in the field. We hope to be around for (at least!) thirty more years, and to continue helping students on their way to becoming linguists, but we can’t do that without your help! If you are able, please consider donating to our Fund Drive here (

Thank you for your continued support!

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