Fun Facts: Behind the Scenes 2

Let’s pull back the curtain once more…

Hello readers!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at LINGUIST List and what happens after you hit ‘Submit’ on our site? Well in short, a lot happens. Bear with us, this Fun Fact is a little long but it’s super interesting.

Once you hit ‘Submit’ on our site, the announcement is then added to that category’s queue and is then awaiting Editor approval. With a few exceptional categories, like TOC announcements, there is a turn-around of 48 business hours for all submissions, in most cases though, submissions get posted before this. It is during these 48 hours that Editors quality assure each submission and work with the submitters so that each announcement is correct.

For each category on our site we have at least one dedicated Editor who is responsible for every announcement in that area. They are responsible for proof-reading each submission, ensuring that each piece of content is linguistically relevant, making small edits to formatting so that each announcement is up to our standards, and in the cases for Journals and Conferences there is an extra check that must be done. For these two areas the Editors must thoroughly research the event or journal to make sure that it is not predatory or a scam. Editors are also responsible for communicating with submitters to make sure all announcements are correct before they are posted on our site.

Book announcements and TOC announcements on our site require accounts. To publish TOCs, each submitter must have their account access opened by a LINGUIST List Editor to make sure that publisher accounts are secure and are not being accessed by anyone else. TOC announcements take a little longer to edit than some other areas because on top of our editing and formatting standards, each abstract must be read, and the linguistic subfields and languages must be tagged individually!

Our editors do a lot of work to edit all submissions, fact-check, and communicate with submitters to make sure the announcements on our site are of the utmost quality.

Our Editors are not the only ones who do a lot behind the scenes work at LINGUIST List, we also have a Web Development (web dev) team and a System Administrator. Web dev is responsible for many things, including ensuring that our sites, new and old, are running smoothly and that there are no issues with our submission forms. They are also the ones who receive the much-appreciated feedback from our users regarding improvements to The LINGUIST List. Our System Administrator is responsible for keeping our services running, whether that be our servers or making sure that our mailing lists are working. They also make sure that our technology in the office is up-to-date and running smoothly.

The LINGUIST List is a non-profit and we do not charge our readers or subscribers a fee to access the information posted on our site. Even though we are a non-profit, we do still have some services that come with a fee, such as Job announcements, social media boosts, TOC announcements, and Book announcements. We also have the support of various publishers who pay an annual fee for Book announcements. These service fees go right back to us to keep LINGUIST List running.

The LINGUIST List stands out from other listservs in various ways, but one very distinct way is that while we do not publish articles we are technically a journal. We have our own ISSN number and we are archvied with the U.S. Library of Congress! Every announcement on our site is retained in a permanent online archive. In addition, The LINGUIST List provides hosting and archival services to over 100 other linguistics-related mailing lists.

While LINGUIST List has a faculty Moderator, it is worth noting that all other employees here are students. All our Editors, Web Development staff, and our System Administrator are all graduate students at our host university, Indiana University. The LINGUIST List employs us as graduate students and without this opportunity it would not be possible for us to continue our degrees.

By donating to The LINGUIST List, you are not just contributing to a vital online resource and community, but you are also contributing to the future of our field by allowing us to fund graduate students. Your donations further the field of linguistics in many ways. Thank you for all of your donations and help each year, the employees at LINGUIST List are very grateful!

If you would like to donate, you can find our donation page here:

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The LL Team

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