Fund Drive 2012: LINGQUEST Begins!

Dear friends, subscribers, and supporters,

The LINGUIST homepage has been overtaken by a mystical tome emblazoned with mysterious golden lettering: LINGQUEST.  Welcome to Fund Drive 2012, a thrilling journey through the Lands of Linguistics.  Each week, the valiant heroes of the Illocutionary Force will face off against a new threat to the linguistic world; each week, you’ll be able to vote with your donations to determine the next chapter in their epic struggle.

But the forces of darkness, alas, are not confined to the fictional Lands of Linguistics.  The evil Wizard of Funding Cuts, and his sidekick the Imp of Apathy, take their toll on LINGUIST List’s meager treasury every day.  We need you, our stalwart subscribers and users, to rally with us and fight the good fight– we rely on your donations to keep providing the information and services you depend on.  Dauntless readers, join the battle to keep LINGUIST alive and well! Join the vaunted heroes of yore, reap the rewards of valor, and ensure that LINGUIST List will be able to serve you for years to come.

With sincerest gratitude,

The LINGUIST List Crew

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