Fund Drive Challenges Update: Where does your subfield stand?

Challenges Update: Where is Your Subfield?

Hello Linguists and supporters!
Here’s your regular fund drive challenges update–check out the complete list at to see where your subfield or university is ranked!

Subfield Challenge:
Syntax holds the lead for now, with a total of $4745–can anyone take the top spot from the Syntacticians?
Computational Linguistics, an early-game front-runner, is currently in second with $3600 total.
Sociolinguistics comes in third with 2510.

University Challenge:
University of Washington is still leading, with a total of $2745 from 39 donors. Will they take the top place for a second year in a row? Or will another institution surprise them?
Indiana University comes in second with $2275 from 24 donors–we’re proud of you, IU!
And Stanford University, last year’s second place winner if memory serves, comes in third with #1370 from 20 donors.

Region Challenge:
North America still holds the lead with 271 total donors.
Europe comes in second with 128 donors.
And Asia holds third with 25 total donors.

Country Challenge:
The US remains in front with 246 donors hailing from the states.
Germany comes in second with 35 donors.
And Canada, which had been locked out of the top spots by Austrua in the early weeks of the fund drive, comes in third with 25 total donors. A close contest, it seems, and Germany many find themselves soon upstaged by Canada! Only time will tell.

Once again, a big thank you from us to all participants for your support! It means the world to us!
-The LL Team

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