It’s time to say goodbye… and hello!

Hello Linguists and Supporters,

As you know, the LINGUIST List is operated by the hard work of graduate students at our host institution, Indiana University. But graduate students are in a transitionary phased of their lives, and every few years a handful of our hard workers earn their degrees and move on with their careers. Last year, Amanda Foster from publications moved home to France. This year, Mike, our publications and reviews editor, graduated and was hired by Google. Clare, our jobs and supports editor, has earned her MS and been hired by the US Navy. Ken, who edits conference announcements, will be teaching next year.

Lwin, our long-time IT person, has gone back home to Burma, and Paige, who has been diligently working on the new website behind the scenes, just graduated too. We’re thrilled for our students who are achieving the great things they set out to do when they started their academic careers years ago, and we’re so excited to see where they go next! But having so many crucial editors and IT staff moving on at once is an enormous stress to the workflow here at LL, and we need your support and patience more than ever.

The Old Team! So many of these lovely people are moving on. We’ll miss you!

It’s time to say goodbye to so many of our friends and colleagues, and we’ll miss them. And it’s time to welcome the new staff who are working hard to catch up, train, and take over the workflow here!

We’re pleased to introduce Peace Han and Yiwen Zhang, our new IT staff, Jeremy Coburn, who will be taking over for Mike in publications, Everett Green, who will take over for Ken in Conferences, Nils Hjortnaes, who’ll be taking over for Paige on developing the new website, and Becca Taylor, who’s the new Jobs and Supports editor! Have a little patience with us during the transition, say goodbye to your long-time correspondents here at LL, and say hello to all the newbies. Please donate to the LINGUIST List Fund Drive to help support these wonderful students in their academic endeavors, while they help support you in yours!

All the best,
–The LL Team

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