Last Chance for LINGUIST List Fund Drive Premiums!


Have you got your custom LINGUIST List memorabilia?

Women’s Map T-shirt, available at the $150 tier

Did you know that the LINGUIST List offers custom items ranging from stickers to laptop cases? These items are special and limited time tokens of appreciation we offer as a “thank you” to our donors! Depending on donation amount, different tiers of premium are available. Donate $20, and you can snag yourself a stack of sweet LL Logo stickers for your personal items. Readers and Linguists who donate $100 or more can choose a t-shirt or a mousepad, with even cooler shirts and tote bags available to those who donate greater amounts—the solid white LL logo laptop case is available at the $250 tier.

tote bag, available at the $120 tier

These premiums are optional “thank you” tokens from us, not items for sale. It’s our way of letting you know how much we appreciate your support!

So that we can start packing up and sending out premiums to those who have donated so far, we’ve decided to close down premium options this Saturday, August 11. Now’s your last chance to get in on that sweet LL memorabilia—donate here, and select a premium from the dropdown list, if you want to express your love of the global linguistics community with stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, or any of our other sharp-looking options!

White LL Logo Laptop Sleeve, available at the $250 tier

Thanks for all the years of support!

All the best,

–The LL Team

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