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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

My name is Anna White and I am a student editor here at the LINGUIST List. I am originally from Shreveport, Louisiana and I have just begun working at the LINGUIST List this semester.

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at Baylor University in Waco, Texas in May 2013. After finishing my undergraduate degree, one of my professors in the Linguistics Program at Baylor told me about the Master’s in Linguistics program at Eastern Michigan University and the wonderful opportunity to work at the LINGUIST List that the program could provide. She had graduated from the Master’s program herself and recommended it to me. I enrolled in the program in fall of 2013.

I now have a graduate assistantship at the LINGUIST List that supports me as I pursue a Master’s degree in Linguistics. I am so thankful to have a job that is relevant to my field at such an early stage of my career, and I greatly enjoy working at the LINGUIST List. Every day I look forward to working with other linguists on services that aid the linguistic community and projects that further our knowledge and make resources accessible to our community.

I edit the conference calls for papers and I have just started working on the MultiTree project, which I look forward to contributing to and learning from. I feel that the work I am able to do here matters, and I am so grateful to everyone that supports the LINGUIST List. Please help us continue to grow and support students like me in the pursuit of higher education in the field of Linguistics.

Your support allows us to keep providing valuable services and resources to our community. When you donate to the LINGUIST List, you are supporting our projects and daily functioning. You are supporting students that love Linguistics as much as you do, and helping us to make a future in the field for which we all have a passion.

If you can, please consider donating at least some small amount to help us keep running in the coming year. You can follow this link to see our fund drive page and learn more about why your contribution matters so much. Many thanks.


Anna White
Calls & Conferences Editor