Making the Most of LINGUIST: Resources for Students

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you our ‘Making the Most of LINGUIST’ letter series. This series of messages will identify the main types of resources on LINGUIST, and will explain how they can best be utilized to meet your needs.

The series will mirror the typical development of a professional linguist, beginning with resources for students, then for conducting research, followed by help with professional development, institutions, conference organizers, and employers, then finishing up with special interests.

For those of you who are new to the mesmerizing field of linguistics–or have a passing interest in language–LINGUIST has an area specifically for you:

  • Ask-a-Linguist: Ask-a-Linguistic contains answers to frequently asked linguistic questions. This area of LINGUIST covers a lot of great, general linguistic information.

If you’re thinking about making linguistics your life’s work, LINGUIST has several resources for students trying to make the most of their degree:

  • Student Portal: An essential for students looking to develop an academic career in linguistics. Great starting point.
  • Internships: For linguistic experience outside of the classroom, check our internship listings!
  • Supports: Announcements of fellowships and resources for degree programs are contained here.
  • FYI: There’s a lot of diverse information presented in FYI, including scholarship opportunities, grants, and new degree programs.

Looking for more research-oriented resources? Stay tuned for the next letter!

Remember, these services are available to the linguistic community by your donations. To help us keep these services available in the future, remember to donate to offer your support.