Solve a Puzzle, Win a Prize!

Dear LINGUIST List readers, subscribers, and supporters–

As part of our 2019 Fund Drive, the fine editors at Speculative Grammarian have offered us a challenge!

If you are one of the first to write in and solve the following puzzle, you may win a prize! The first two to write in with the correct answer to the cryptogram will receive a copy of SpecGram for free! After that, we have SpecGram magnets and post cards to send to runners up!

The cryptogram was created using a cipher based on the letter ‘e’.


it’s e’s-y!


DO NOT comment your answer on a facebook post or other social media–send your answers to one or more of the following addresses:





There’s a limited number of prizes, and it’s first to write in (via the proper communication channel only–email!) first serve!

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Thanks again for your support over the last 29 years. We truly appreciate our supporters, and we truly appreciate the awesome guys at Speculative Grammarian!

Best regards,

The LL Team

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