Staff Letter: Joshua Sims

Hello, Linguist List Readers!

I’m Joshua Sims, the systems administrator at the Linguist List. I do the behind-the-scenes work to keep our website running smoothly, both for our editors and for our readers.

I also maintain the Easy Abstracts service at the Linguist List. If you are organizing a conference and need a free, easy to use service to handle abstract submissions and reviews, use EasyAbs! Give it a try at

Like all my colleagues at the Linguist List, I am a student at Indiana University. I’m working on a dual PhD in Linguistics and Central Eurasian Studies. My primary focus is Mongolian phonology, especially with regards to ATR vowel harmony and palatalization. I’m also part of a field methods course working on Lutuv, a member of the Maraic sub-branch of the Tibeto-Burman family.

On my own time, I enjoy studying languages (most recently, Mandarin and Esperanto), practicing Mongolian Calligraphy, reading Science Fiction & Fantasy, and capitalizing words that don’t need to be capitalized.

I have greatly enjoyed working at the Linguist List during my studies here. In my work as systems administrator, I get to see submissions and postings from all the topics we handle at the Linguist List. It makes me so happy to see announcements for books, conferences, journals and jobs, for all subfields of linguistics and all for fascinating languages. I still remember, as a sophomore studying linguistics, being told about the Linguist List, as a great place to find linguistics resources and jobs in the future. And now I work here—it’s kind of like being famous!

Your support for the Linguist List makes it possible for me to study here. I wouldn’t be able to pursue my degree without my position at the Linguist List. When you donate to the Linguist List, you’re supporting a free and open forum for linguistic ideas and opportunities. At the same time, you’re also supporting a team of hard-working student linguists, so we can continue with our studies until we get to apply to these jobs ourselves someday.

Thank you for your donations and continued readership, and for keeping us together, editors and readers, year after year, at the Linguist List. If you haven’t donated yet, please do so at, and if you have—thanks!

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