Staff Letter: Lauren Perkins

Hello, fellow linguists!

My name is Lauren Perkins, and I am the student editor for the Calls and Conferences area of The LINGUIST List. It’s my job to make sure that each call for papers or conference announcement is formatted according to our standards and includes all the information that subscribers will need before posting them on our website. I’ve been able to ‘meet’ a few of you via email, and always enjoy interacting with my fellow linguists and helping you advertise your conferences and events.

I feel like I have one of the most fun jobs at LINGUIST List since it allows me a brief peek into the types of research that are going on in our field all over the world. As a relatively new PhD student, it’s really inspiring to have a job that continually exposes me to new languages, new questions, and new avenues of study in linguistics.

As I mentioned, I am beginning my second year in the General Linguistics PhD program at IU. I’m currently interested in syntax, psycholinguistics, and construction grammar. My latest research project concerns the syntactic phenomenon of sluice-stranding (also called ‘swiping’ or ‘swifting’) in English and whether or not it can be viewed as a type of ellipsis. I am interested in ways that we can connect current syntactic theory with developments in neuro- and psycholinguistics and cognitive science, hopefully providing a bridge between the theoretical and the functional.

In my spare time (what little of it I have), I love spending time with my husband, Sam, and our cat, B. We like relaxing at home and drinking tea, or having friends over for game nights. I also enjoy kickboxing, practicing calligraphy and embroidery, and reading novels.

I’m extremely thankful for my job at the LINGUIST List, and thankful for donors like you that make it possible. Not only does working at the LINGUIST List provide a fascinating insight into current linguistics research, as well as flexible hours (imperative for a graduate school schedule), but it also provides me with enormous financial peace of mind. When Sam and I moved to Indiana from Texas last year, we had just taken out a huge loan for my first semester. I had been dreaming of returning to school for my PhD for several years, and Sam fully supported me in that dream, but we knew we couldn’t afford to keep taking out loans like the one we’d just committed to. Thanks to LINGUIST List, I can now complete my program without taking out any more loans, and we are able to start chipping away at past students loans. Our goal is to be debt-free within the next few years, which would have been totally impossible without the LINGUIST List. Since my work can be done remotely, I was also able to continue my work despite the current crisis, which is a privilege I don’t take lightly.

So, I want to thank everyone for supporting the LINGUIST List for the past 30 years! We at LINGUIST List are honored to serve such a wonderful community of linguists, and so thankful for the impact that working at LINGUIST List has had on our academic experiences. We look forward to another 30+ years of service, and we trust that we can continue to rely on our faithful subscribers who make all of our work possible. If you enjoy the resources the LINGUIST List offers and are financially able, please consider donating. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story, and I look forward to posting your upcoming conferences!

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